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Awesome Interiors Prove Plain Is More Luxurious Than Fancy

awesome-interiors-prove-plain-is-more-luxurious-than-fancyIf luxury is a benchmark of achievement, how we define it has made a drastic change. Contrast the items we spend our money on today versus those from ten years ago, almost everything is more luxurious than what we had before. We desire the feeling of something being better and we get it. But luxury isn’t about frilly or opulent as it once was. More is not better if one is differentiating. One of the reasons an awesome interior is more attainable than it has ever been, is plain or simple aesthetics are more luxurious than fancy. Here are some DIY tips to create your own luxury interior.

Clean lines allow shapes to become sculptural. When an item can be appreciated in pure form, this becomes an implied extravagance and our mind reads luxury.simple-forms-in-a-kitchen-00101A luxury kitchen is not about dollars. Kitchens are one of the easiest rooms to exercise a minimalistic approach. Big expanses of unembellished cabinets are not only cheaper than those with all that ornamental molding but are easier to clean (and are less likely to become a dreaded timestamp.)

Simple furnishings are easy to mix together. When items lack embellishment or lots of detail they combine effortlessly together in a room to complete a look. luxury living roomThe only obvious pattern in this room is the rug. Sofas, chairs and tables are all about form and shape, in simple colors.

Solid colors repeated throughout look stylish and luxurious. This is where more can be better. Using the same shape, color or texture in repetition implies luxury.Beautiful pink chairThis pink chair reads luxurious because it is one solid color, and it is relatively simple.
luxury-outdoor-spaceHow fabulous is this poolside veranda? This oozes extravagance and leisure, because the simple solid colors are easy on the eye. On the contrary when a space is full of lots of this and that, it becomes confusing and begins to look like a stockpile of stuff rather than a comfortable curated space.

A tiny room can feel very extravagant simply by decorating with plain and minimalistic objects. Using the same approach a big room or large expanse of shelves becomes wonderful when filled with a few simple pieces. Use empty space as a decorating tool. Vacant corners, empty tables, forsaken shelves create what artists term negative space, or the area around the object. This is what gives the eye a place to rest between areas and items of visual interest.

luxury-ikea-kitchenThis rich wood kitchen with large expansive quartz countertops might be in a million dollar home, but guess what, these cabinets are from IKEA. Luxury is indeed very plain, not fancy.

When plain or simple items can stand on their own as luxurious this translates to luxury in the interior being no longer about cost. A unadorned $2,500 sofa can look and feel as fabulous as a $25,000 sofa. Inexpensive items can easily substitute for the high dollar version. Simple home decor and furnishings can be found anywhere which means anyone can make their space luxurious, the trick is to choose the plain and simple options.


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