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Be Sure To Flush In the Kitchen (And Bath)

Be Sure To Flush In The KitchenThe modern kitchen, a kitchen for today’s lifestyle appropriate to every home regardless of style, is about clean lines and ease of use.   Practically every kitchen or bathroom design, cabinet and respectable kitchen appliance seen in the last two years at the trend setting European shows have had one characteristic in common: everything is flush.  Siemens flush appliancesFlush mounted appliances… with little or no edge protruding from adjoining cabinetry.  Miele flush mounted appliancesBoth Siemens and Miele  led this new trend for seamless appliance integration.

Any more than 1/2 inch of offset is for an appliance, let’s not mince words, is so yesterday.  Flush Blanco sinkUndermount sinks, while not new, and even faucets are climbing on board with the flush trend as well.  This kitchen from Blanco is a great benchmark.  Gone are those little catch-alls for kitchen grime. Flush silestone countertop and cabinetryFlush countertop edges…  If there is a reveal there is a purpose.  A reveal is for opening a door or drawer in lieu of hardware.  Hardware can be the exception but much of this is flush mounted as well. Flush cabinetryThe new line in kitchens, baths, and cabinet design is no raised edges.  Transitions between the counter, appliance and cabinet are practically seamless.   Bathroom sink with Flush drain cover from GessiBathrooms participate in the flush trend as well.  Linear drains for showers have captured people’s attention for a years, but now sink manufacturers like Gessi, are jumping on board.

OLD SCHOOL LEADS TO TROUBLEOld cabinet, counter and appliance edge detailsNotice how the countertop has an overhang and the Miele appliance protrudes from the cabinetry.  For sake of design, even the middle cabinet was offset from the refrigerator and freezer at opposing ends.  All of these dimensional surface changes for the person cleaning and working in the kitchen is a colossal pain in the butt.  Fingers get injured while wiping across a surface and smashing into another.   Lots of hips are bruised on countertops which protrude from the cabinets below.

Edge detail - FlushOne line and single dimension.  Every countertop, cabinet and appliance is flush, flush, FLUSH.

Flush design requires precision.  Every item must line up with no discernible profusion or indentation.  Designers, installers and manufacturers have to up their game to remain current and not appear sloppy.

In a few years one of the telltale signs of a kitchen in dire need of updating may be how the cabinet doors, drawers, countertops and appliances come together.  Don’t be one of those who forgot to flush.


Disclaimer: Blanco, Miele and Gessi have been sponsors of my participation in one or both BlogTour Cologne and BlogTour Milan.  However, this post is not a sponsored post and the opinions are entirely my own.

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