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Bed Location is Vital For Good Sleeping

The ancient teachings of Feng Shui regard the bedroom as the most significant room in a home because of the amount of time we spend there and rest is a crucial element to an auspicious life.  Translation: bed location is vital to good sleeping. Bold colors for a boy's bedroomWhether you are on the Eastern or Western side of teachings we do spend one third or more of our time in the bedroom and even Dr. Oz touts the numerous benefits of sleep: heart health, anti-aging and stress reduction.  Sleep is good, feeling rested and revitalized is even better.

Having the correct bedroom environment is essential to a good night’s sleep.   So how do we get this right?  By following some simple principles of Feng Shui.

ideal and poor bed location for good Feng ShuiBed Location  –  Correct bed placement promotes mental balance and calm rest. 

  • Ideal location is diagonally across from door, this allows good energy (chi) to flow smoothly
  • Never place in direct line with a door (a.k.a – the death position = feet facing door makes it easy to carry you out.)
  • Aligning bed (your head) with door, window or on a door wall can cause restlessness and vulnerability.
  • Place against solid wall, preferably not against a window.  If you must, leave a gap for energy to flow around you rather than out the window.

Though you are sleeping your subconscious is still at work.  Rest allows the body to revitalize.  Allowing the good energy to flow freely though the room and wrap around you maximizes the benefits of rest.  Anything which can disturb you can cause your mind to switch from the slumber of the subconscious to the conscious which can leave you feeling lethargic in the morning.  Proper bed placement is essential for good sleep and useful in interior design.

While I am not a Feng Shui practitioner I have taken classes and read a number of books.  My favorites are by Lillian Too and Kristen M. Lagatree.  Kristen’s book Feng Shui – Arranging Your Home to Change Your Life is less than a hundred pages and makes the concepts easy to understand.   The blog Open Spaces by Feng Shui Consultant Ann Bingley Gallops is a great online location for easy Feng Shui ideas for your home.  Give Feng Shui a try in the bedroom, it can only help.

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    which is the correct location of bed?

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