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Bedding for Sleeping Beauty

As part of bedroom month today we are going to talk bedding colors minus the thread count debate.  There is just something about pretty bedding which makes one all happy on the inside.  There are three options when it comes to bedding: white, pastel (muted colors) and colorful.  Depending on your personality and decor they are easy to mix and match to create a truly personal look.

It just looks like perfection.  Pure solid white or ivory work can sharpen any bedroom decor.  If you need a little embellishment add coordinating trim, monogram or edge detail for the perfect tailored look.

In recent years the hospitality industry has made a shift to white sheets paired with a duvet or coverlet in either white or room coordinating color.  White is easy to launder and easy to coordinate.  For a hotel this saves money.  For us, it saves effort.  Plus there is just something luxurious and comforting about crawling into a bed with crisp white sheets.  It screams neat and cleanPastels are almost any muted version of a color, not just the sherbet or baby tones.  These are easy on the eye and help to promote the feeling of tranquility. Bold color adds a whole new dimension depending if you prefer a dramatic pattern in richly saturated colors or just a strong color paired with white.  These are a fantastic way to call attention to an otherwise not so interesting bed – focal point of the bedroom.  This preference calls for careful decor coordination to keep the feeling of a restful oasis.   Too many pattern or big bold color changes in one room can create energy and cause unrest.  See last week’s post on bedroom colors to stay on track.

Bedding retailers offer a candy counter of selections overflowing with options.  It all comes down to personal preference of thread count, cotton, Egyptian cotton, percale, cotton poly, flannel, silk, linen, bamboo or whatever.  What works for you it the best choice.  White is easy because it goes with everything.  Pastels or bold colors can be just as simple when coordinated perfectly with bedroom decor.  Whatever you choose make sure it looks inviting the moment you enter the room and feels wonderful to slip into at night.

Do you have a bedding preference?  White or colors?  Solids or Patterns?

Though this is not a sponsored post, all bedding pictures are courtesy of Fine Linen & Bath, a fabulous online retailer who is happy to assist with your bedding needs.  Bedding shown (not in order) is from Pine Cone Hill, Matouk, Sferra, Yves Delorme and Peacock Alley.

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