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Bedroom Decor Lost In Time

As one of the most intimate and personal spaces in a home how is it bedrooms become the most over looked when it comes to out-of-date decor?  For our last day of bedroom month we’ll look at bedrooms in existing homes which are ripe for a re-do.  Color plays a big part but so do patterned fabrics and window treatments.

Partially close your eyes to a squint and look at this picture.  Notice how those dark lampshades  and heavy drapery act like a focal points?  They shouldn’t be.  At the time (30 years ago +) this bedroom was likely quite stylish.   It wouldn’t require much to update this into a tranquil and current retreat. For detailed descriptions of the possibilities shown see Olioboard.

How To Update the Dated Bedroom

  • Rip up old carpet* – seagrass is a chic and inexpensive replacement
  • Fresh and attractive bedding to make bed a focal point
  • Artwork
  • Crisp coordinating area rug
  • Updated window treatments*
  • Interesting lamps and lighting

* Carpet, window treatments, certain patterned fabrics and colors have about a 10 year window of usability if they are the least bit trendy.

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2 Responses to Bedroom Decor Lost In Time

  1. Love your moodboard. These would definitely be welcome updates. Love a seagrass rug!!

  2. Lisa M Smith

    Thank you! It is amazing how a little swap of fabric and colors can infuse fresh life into a dated room. You wouldn’t even have to paint the walls.

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