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Behind The Gates With Bentley Motors Designers

Behind The Scenes of Car DesignAs luck would have it I had access to one of those behind the gates car designs nobody gets to see.  Could this be the preliminary workings of the new Bentley SUV due in 2016?  This was so top secret, regular automotive media didn’t even have access to it.  But I did, and they allowed me to take pictures.  So yeah, in that sense I’m scooping Car & Driver, Motor Trend and even Top Gear.  Only because it has now been scrapped can I reveal to you, a design from the guys at Bentley Motors were working on in their off hours… in secret. Bentley EXP 9FI was cleared through security and taken around through a back entrance after viewing the new Bentley SUV EXP9.  Bentley securityAfter a private sound test of the sport exhaust on the new Continental GTV8 we continued on and stumble upon a back room with a rather rough table around which were seated were some of the Bentley Motors designers and here is what they were working on…Secret Bentley Motors Car Design

Secret Bentley Motors Car Design rear viewHmmm, will there be a two-door version of the new SUV?  While it may be crude you can see, even in their off time the designers at Bentley are always thinking and creating.   This is how well built cars come to be.


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