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Best 6 Inviting Living Room Sofas

Any sofa worth it’s weight offers a visual invitation to sit down.  A good sofa must speak to you, but in a good way.  It can’t be so cool, it becomes the sofa which ate the room.  It can’t be so dainty, it frightens one from sitting.  Finally, it can’t be something I alluded to last week in my pillow post, a place one must carefully negotiate in order to sit down.    Here are some favorites which sit well and have style. Living rooms are already full of lines, introducing a curve in a featured piece of furniture is smart.   The shape is easy on the eye and the curved sides give one the automatic okay this is a place for conversation.   Single seat cushion and tight back means it is great for sitting and stays neat. – The Sofa & Chair Company A modern take on the traditional tufted chesterfield sofa, this sofa oozes with panache and comfort.  The high back is both warm and inviting. –  Sherrill Furniture I actually just sat in this sofa the other day, so I can attest to the comfort factor.  Simple clean lines can make for the most gorgeous sofa.   Again with the tight back and solid bench seat cushion this is welcoming and easy, no where do I sit issues.  – Donghia Another simple easy sofa with clean lines and plenty of style.  Just because it is a sofa does not mean it has to look like every other one on the market.  Of course a waterfall skirt is always stylish and barricades the dust bunnies.  This sofa is ripe for the addition of a chic tape trim or frog closures on the skirt.  – Edward Ferrell| Lewis Mittman I would be remiss if I didn’t point you in the direction of a stunning antique or vintage when it comes for hunting down the perfect sofa.  If it has good lines, is well made (webbing under the seat and spring cushions) and especially if it has unbelievable woodwork this is something to consider.  Amazing bargains can be found and with a little tweak from the upholsterer (add new cushions if necessary) and fresh fabric, you’ve got an inviting sofa and conversation piece.  – 1stdibs A gal’s got a promote her own goods!  I designed this sofa purely for conversation, as a two person sofa it has two separate cushions but in the larger size, only one single cushion.  The gentle curves make this easy to float in a room and for guests to sit and chat.  I’ll confess when I want to sit down and read, this is where I plop, it feels so nice – the arms are there but don’t get in your way. – Interior Design Factory, Ltd.

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