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Best of 500 Interior Design Posts

There have been 615 posts on the Decor Girl blog since I started in in June 2010 although as you likely know, not every one revolves around interior design.  As an interior designer who loves it, lives and breathes it – I also support the concept of having a life outside of work.  Technically, 98 were about cars and 27 relate to food and certainly some of these other topics cross-pollinate with interior design, so 500 is a fair number for design related posts. Hanging artwork is a popular topic, and though my picture taking may not be perfection, the advice I pass on from professional art hangers is useful and user friendly: Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Hanging Artwork.   Hiring an interior designer has been another favorite.  The quickest way to alleviate interior related stress is to hire a designer, me specifically.  Designers have lots to offer and are not just for the rich and famous.  We streamline the decision making process, often save you money (shocking but true) and in general are nice people who love to create interiors for others and put a smile on their face. Romo -rumbaThe surrounding trend throughout our lives encompasses making our lives easier.  In Top 10 Ideas To Simplify Your Living Room we offer easy interior design tips to make your living room warm and inviting.  Feature Wall 2One of the toughest interior concepts to master is the feature wall, we all have them and apparently want to embellish them too.   Three popular posts tackled this dilemma: What Wall Is My Feature Wall?; Feature Walls – Are They or Aren’t They? and Feature Walls Defined. Color WheelGetting interior colors right is another popular topic.  One of the favorite color related posts was Interior Design – Easy Color Schemes, which offers easy how to tips for creating interior color schemes.  What really took me by surprise was the interest in shower drain grates, specifically the cool looking ones.  I first spied them at KBIS in 2011 and again in 2012, but the lighted version is primo: Honey The Shower Is Glowing.

These are just a few of the Decor Girl fan favorites.  It is hard to believe I’ve written over 500 interior design posts but time flies when you are having fun.  Writing this blog is fun.  It keeps me on my toes and up to date on the latest interior trends which I usually curate before bringing them to you.  Every trend isn’t a good one.  I prefer to bring you trends which have some staying power.  In other words, interior design ideas worth opening the wallet for.

Thanks for your support.  I’ve got more great interior design ideas and trends coming in 2013 which starts with my attendance at Modenus BlogTour Cologne in just a few days.  I wish you a Happy and Prosperous 2013!  Happy new year

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