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Black, White & Gray – The New Fall Interior Palette

Fall is almost here and just like with fashion, interiors unveil fresh new color palettes to invite one to feel cozy and hunker down.  I don’t know about you but for me color is very moody, in a nice sort of way.  In the fall and winter one wants deep, darker, lush colors to cuddle up with as we move into the nesting time of year.Fall 2013 ColorsThis year I am obsessed with black & white with gray incorporating pops of purple.  Fall 2013 Fashion Colors for Chanel and Guy LarocheFor fall 2013 fashion designers practically bathed in this color palette.  No wonder I’ve got a thing for it.  Thank you  Chanel and Guy Laroche. I’m so obsessed, I could draw half a dozen distinct interiors right now using this palette.  Can’t explain it, a design mind just works this way.  Designer's Guild Fall FabricsI’m seeing these rich clubby textural interiors, with a nod to glamour and a hint of history.  Yum yum, mix and match.  All those lovely houndstooth, glen plaid and herringbone patterns are alive and kicking it. Pierre Frey Fall ColorsTexture and pattern drive the bus in creating a great mix.  Sumptuous velvets, nubbly soft tweeds, and sleek wovens will appease the most tactile of homeowners.

Black, white and gray with red is so done, so yesterday.

Swap out the 2010 yellow some of you may have done (bumble-bee interior.)

Black and White Tile by Avente TileIf you’ve always wanted that black and white floor, thank you Avente Tile, time for an easy update.  Rich purple is a great way to breathe life into this classic group of colors. After all you are royalty in your own home. Ralph Lauren Apartment No. 1How does one even breathe in this color palette without a visual reference to the new Ralph Lauren Apartment No.1 Collection?  I could live and die in this room and be very happy.  (Remember, Ralph has like the most major car collection so there would at the very least be some great pics in this room to keep me entertained.) Ralph Lauren Fall FabricBlack and grays can be moody, adding purple ups the sensuality scale and white adds a crispness and order to make the other colors sing.

What makes this palette work is it is neither male or female but has the pull for both.  Could make for a very clubby bachelor pad: manly but a total chick magnet.   Or like the bedroom above, a soft and pretty feminine vibe but just enough sass to keep a guy interested.

What do you think of this fall palette?


Fashion – Photos by Yannis Viamos/In Digital | GoRunway via Style.com

Images: Designer’s Guild, Pierre Frey and Ralph Lauren.

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4 Responses to Black, White & Gray – The New Fall Interior Palette

  1. I like the look- it is an interesting blend of pattern and pop. Beautiful post!

  2. Thank you! Hmmm where can I put it? Hey, who needs a new look?

  3. I need a new look!

    I noted black, white and gray in nearly every Spring 2014 runway show and if I didn’t know better, I’d think the fabrics and textures were for Fall 2014. There was so much B&W, when the myriad shades of purple made an appearance in several collections it really stood out, so much so I have a post queued up just to talk about the range of the color. The neutral, nubby tweeds are a perfect foil for the rich sheen of the silks.

    You would rock that RL cocoon of a bedroom!

  4. Love the textures,tweed and silk, yes a perfect balance! I just can’t get these colors out of my head.

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