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BlogTour Proved Interiors Still Need Texture

textureThe trend for interiors with texture is here to stay.  The beauty of vising a European trade show is the ability to nab trends which will infiltrate our homes  5-10 years from now.

In this age of less is more decorating, another positive trend, texture plays an important role in the interior.   Textures will be expanding. The textures I found at the IMM Cologne show during BlogTour had bodies which invited touch.  Ever the fan of fondling one’s furniture, this was right up my alley. IMG_0812 (800x600)Textures give a room visual and tactile interest.   IMG_0859 (600x800)Love this new twist on quilting.IMG_1165Texture on a solid color allows the play of light and cast shadows to add color to what might be dull and boring without it. IMG_0991I mention tactile because whether one actually feels a surface with their hand, like this cactus sofa, they always feel it with their eyes.  This becomes quite fun when employing an item which utilizes the trompe l’oeil method of fooling the eye by depicting a texture when there is not.  Offer your visitors a pleasant surprise upon touch.   A fabric which appears scratchy feels scrumptiously soft or a surface which looks rough may actually feel smooth.  This becomes a dance of interaction, a way of engaging one with an interior.

Let me sum up textures this way;  every room needs at least one piece of fondle-worthy furniture. 🙂Lisa sig2

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3 Responses to BlogTour Proved Interiors Still Need Texture

  1. I saw those cactus pillows and ran the other way; they made me that nervous!

  2. Good point, in more ways than one. Textures for the interior need to be inviting!

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