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Book Review: Rooftop Gardens

Interior, exterior the difference is what?  Not much when it comes to good design and space planning.  I confess when I first thought about this book, I thought what does it have for me?  I don’t live in the city, I have ample garden space and my only rooftop garden is a “live roof” or “green” roof which is only 4ft wide.  Was I wrong.
Rooftop Gardens – the Terraces, Conservatories, and Balconies of New York by Denise LeFrak Calicchio and Roberta Model Amon is a great reference guide for anyone interested in garden or exterior space design. This perfect summer cocktail table book is full of wonderment and inspiration.

Rooftop Gardens photosYou don’t need a rooftop garden to become mesmerized by the pictures in this book.  Yes, it is basically a picture book – user friendly. While perusing one can wonder “who’s multi-million dollar 5th or Park Avenue abode is this?”

A good home and garden book is full of pictures and full of ideas, no disappointment here. Like container gardening?  What people do in the confines of New York City with winter weather, building reflected heat and wicked winds will amaze you. The book is a great primer on colors, editing, use of space, comfort and highly relevant, when enough is enough. It makes one appreciate how an outdoor dining or living space does not have to be big to be wonderful. Every photo has a lesson which will get your creativity working over time.

If you are looking for garden, terrace, patio or deck inspiration, Rooftop Gardens has what you are searching for. lisa

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