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California Cool Furniture From Architect Richard Neutra

The new Neutra Furniture offers a nod to early California Modernism from famed architect Richard Neutra. Neutra TitleNoted architect Richard Neutra was one of the pioneers of California Modernism starting in the late 1920’s up until the mid-1960’s. His most unusual characteristic, especially for architects during this time, was his ability to listen to his clients and transfer their needs and lifestyle to his design for their homes.  Richard Neutra 1942 HouseVia Curbed

A student of Frank Lloyd Wright and close pal of Richard Schindler, another California architect, Schindler and Neutra would later be known as leaders in the new contemporary California aesthetic.  Boxy, linear geometry, cantilevers and open plan interiors combined with flat pitched roofs and big sheets of glass as the only separation between indoors and the beautiful California outdoors are a few of the attributes of this California Modernism style.

His homes are still sought after and his designs are still as fresh and modern today as they were in the last century.

For over 110 years VS, short for Vereinigte Schulbankfabrikena German manufacturer and creator of school and office furniture has brought good design and quality furnishings to commercial facilities throughout the world.  Recently VS teamed up with Dion Neutra, Richard Neutra’s son and former partner, to bring the designs and aesthetic of the Neutra brilliance to today’s consumer, those who appreciate clean, clear, usable furnishings.

Lovell House chair and ottomanThe Lovell Easy Chair was originally plywood but the metal version was found in Neutra’s sketches and his son Dion worked to reimagine his father’s design along with adding the ottomanNeutra Alpha SeatingThe stylish Alpha seating is taken from designs for reading corners in Neutra’s never built Case Study #13.

While this is not an argument of what was old is new again, it allows us to appreciate good design has no obvious date stamp.  Explore the full offerings of the Neutra Furniture by VS to find functional furnishings for today’s modern lifestyle.  For more information on Richard Neutra and his legacy visit Neutra.org.


Photos: Lovell House and Case Study #13

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