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Category Archives: Great Architects

Architecture Offers 2015 Interior Inspiration

What is the best way to generate new interior ideas? Look to the past, to historic architecture. Taliesin West by Frank Lloyd Wright is full of inspiration. Read More

Bold And Beautiful Ruxtons Were Too Stylish For Their Time

The dramatic colorful Ruxton automobiles styled by architect Joseph Urban were a dramatic match to the corporate soap opera which ended a short production.

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California Cool Furniture From Architect Richard Neutra

VS, a German furniture manufacturer teamed up with Dion Neutra, Richard Neutra’s son and former partner, to bring the furniture designs and aesthetic of the Neutra to today’s consumer.

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Visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House In Los Angeles

On a visit to Hollyhock House, though closed for renovation, there is plenty of architecture to see and enjoy.

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Dymaxion House – The Little House That Should

Buckminster Fuller created a home full of sustainability solutions. The Dymaxion House should be a model of how we should be building homes today.

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Historic Architecture in Palm Beach

Palm Beach offers a unique enclave of historic architecture built in the earlier half of the last century. A lesson in scale, balance, proportion and design.

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Frank Lloyd Wright Seen in Hawaii

The King Kamehameha Golf Club on Maui is based on a Frank Lloyd Wright design first created in 1949. Great design and architecture is timeless.

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30 Minutes of Architect Richard Meier

Architectural or modernist buffs will enjoy a video of architect Richard Meier interviewed on his humble beginnings and his work. Very enjoyable.

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