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Category Archives: Artwork

See What An Amazing Car Enthusiast & Artist Forms From Photos

If you like cars and delight at really good artwork, let me introduce you to David Wiener. This is fine art photography on a whole other level. Read More

Profile In Creativity: Art By Dave Danchuk

Art by Dave Danchuck causes one to pause and think, how did he do that? Wildly creative and supremely colorful these are not just paintings.

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Pop Art in Paris – Roy Lichtenstein At Centre Pompidou

While visiting the Centre Pompidou in Paris we enjoyed a wonderful exhibit of American Pop Art by Roy Lichtenstein.

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How Not To Hang Artwork

Interior designers, artists, gallery owners and museum people agree on the mistakes they see people make hanging artwork.

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The MAKK – Where Design and Art Converge

Observations from the exhibition Isn’t It Romantic curated by Tulga Beyerle at MAKK in Cologne, Germany. Art has no right and wrong, it is up to the viewer.

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Surprise On The Ceiling in a Tiny Bathroom

How to disguise a problem ceiling in a tiny bathroom with art.

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The Butt In The Air Chair

Art is all up to interpretation, here artist Peter Harvey gives us his tongue-and-cheek view of seating.

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Way Cool Tile From Recycled Skateboards

Recycled skateboards are turned into energetic wall tiles.

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Posters or Prints? Who Cares Just Enjoy

Posters and prints are just fine for grown-up home interiors.

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Have A Viewpoint When Placing Artwork

Use 3 simple steps to place the right piece in the right spot to optimize the viewpoint.

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