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Category Archives: Design Principles

There are design principles which have stood the test of time which make a room work. Balance, Rhythm, Texture, Scale are a few you’ll want to know.

Awesome Interiors Prove Plain Is More Luxurious Than Fancy

Plain or simple aesthetics are more luxurious than fancy, are far more timeless and easier to achieve. Here are some DIY tips to create your own luxury interior. Read More

Look At The Faces Of Newport’s Gilded Mansions

The faces of gilded age mansions had nothing to do with their owners. A century ago, faces were trending as a decorative element in interior design.

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How To Pick The Best Front Door Color

It is easy to paint a front door the wrong color. We will share the foolproof method for how one can achieve the absolute best never-fail front door color.

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Interior Designers Favorite Tool: Repetition

Repetition is in every interior designer’s bag of tricks, and can make you look like a genius. Here are some ways you can learn how to decorate.

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Are You Guilty Of The #1 Homeowner Mistake?

All to often a homeowner misses their opportunity to make their home more functional and unique. Have you make the homeowner’s #1 mistake? Read More

5 Simple Steps To Add Luxury To Your Home For Summer

The windows are open, guests waft in and out with the summer breeze as entertaining kicks into high gear.  Even if one isn’t expecting visitors, the renewed desire for having a beautiful home awakens in the summer months.   Here … Read More

Do’s and Don’ts To Decorate A Compelling Bookcase

How to decorate a bookshelf in four easy steps will guide you through what is needed to create a visually appealing bookcase or shelves.

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How Not To Hang Artwork

Interior designers, artists, gallery owners and museum people agree on the mistakes they see people make hanging artwork.

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Decorating In Pairs

Decorate in pairs; it makes decorating easy and looks wonderful. Regardless of how much you spend the result is rich!

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Top 10 Ideas To Simplify Your Living Room

Ten ideas to help one refocus the living room to be a place to live, enjoy and relax.

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