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Category Archives: Dining Room

Refresh Your Table With A #NoPaperNapkin Policy

Make this the year you refresh your dining tables with a #NoPaperNapkins policy. Easy colorful cotton napkins from Hen House Linens are #swoonworthy! Read More

Guide To Creating Fantastic Dining Table Decor

A simple guide of what to do and what not to do when decorating your table for entertaining.

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Good Seating Will Keep Your Guests From Heading For The Door

Creating an enjoyable home for entertaining relates directly to the furniture you choose. Here are tips for choosing the right seating for living or dining.

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Furnishing The Modern Dining Room Is Fun!

We want our dining rooms to be fun and enjoyable, not stuffy and uptight. The right furniture makes all the difference.

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Components of The Modern Dining Room

Today’s dining rooms are fun and functional for today’s families, not a rarely used room full of furniture.

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Four Elements Of A Great Dining Room

Dining rooms/spaces are about food, family, friends and functionality – not four serious walls. Here is what it takes to make the room work.

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Paper or Plastic for Outdoor Dining?

There does not seem to be one set of outdoor dining etiquette rules for dinnerware. What do you use for outdoor dining: paper, plastic or breakables?

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Furnishing An Outdoor Dining Space

Create an outdoor dining space which invites your guests to dine and linger.

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How to Dress the Holiday Table for Impact

Is the dinner about the food or the plates or the decor? For holiday dinners it is important to feature the food not overdecorate the table.

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Entertaining: How many can sit at a table?

It is never fun to sit packed together at a table with no room to eat. Here are some quick tips to calculating table size and how much room one needs at the table.

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