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Category Archives: Green Design

DIY Decorating: Are You A Green Faker?

When it comes to decorating there is only one way to go green which works in every home, with every style and 100% affordable… decorate with green plants. Read More

High Level Gardening: Living With A Live Roof

Why install a green roof and what is the purpose for having live plants on a roof? Living with a green roof, a homeowner shares tips.

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Interior Trends From Milan: The Good, Bad and Yes, Please

In keeping with tradition our first post after a trade show always covers the good and the bad interior products.   How boring or typical would it be to only cover the “look at the great stuff” type of post? … Read More

Green Remodeling – Contemporary Home Before & After

The before and after of remodeling the exterior of a contemporary home with green building products, including a live roof, metal roofing and fiber cement.

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Dymaxion House – The Little House That Should

Buckminster Fuller created a home full of sustainability solutions. The Dymaxion House should be a model of how we should be building homes today.

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Light Up Your Driveway or Patio For Free

Imagine driveway or patio lights beefy enough to drive on but so simple they don’t require electrical skills.

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3form Puts Stripes on The Horizon

3form makes striped countertops and tables a reality with 100 Percent, their post-consumer recycled packaging solid surface product.

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Way Cool Tile From Recycled Skateboards

Recycled skateboards are turned into energetic wall tiles.

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Bathroom Floors Demand Heat

Any locale which features cold nights delivers cold bathroom floors in the morning. The only way around it is with radiant floor heating. No longer a luxury.

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Those are Plants, not Weeds on my Roof

Welcome to my design lab: built in 1978 the contemporary structure is four separate buildings connected by a floating hallway. One of our recent projects involved a “green” or garden roof.

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