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Category Archives: Outdoor Living

How To Elevate Your Garden With A Super Easy Planter Box Kit

Check out this brilliant outdoor gardening solution, a cedar elevated planter box kit from Natural Yards which was super easy to put together and install. Read More

Here Are The Hottest Outdoor Fabrics For Every Color Scheme

Looking to update your patio? Here are the hottest new outdoor fabrics for every color scheme.

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How To Achieve A Successful Home Landscape Project

Consider this your personal cheat sheet to achieving the landscape of your dreams. This is what you need to know for a successful home landscape project.

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How To Fix The Noise Problem Of Outdoor Living Spaces

When environmental noise inhibits your enjoyment of your outdoor areas, a fountain or water feature is one easy fix to eliminate and drown out unwanted sounds. Here is how to get the right one.

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Want To Make Your Patio A Relaxing Paradise?

Here are 3 easy ways to make your patio or backyard space into a relaxing paradise.

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3 Ways To Make Your Home Landscape Look Luxurious

Making a landscape feel luxurious is easy and it does not have to be expensive. Truth is, employing these three tactics actually invites one to spend less.

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How To Make Your Outdoor Grill Vibrant As A Garden

Give your outdoor grill a jolt of color. Hestan Outdoor makes colorful outdoor grills and complimentary products as vibrant as a garden.

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How To Beautify Your Outdoor Stairs With Mosaic Tile

Mosaic glass tile can add beauty and color to an outdoor stairway. Dare to be creative in your landscape projects, it’ll turn out cool.

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DIY: How To Make A Cool Lantern Out Of Sea Glass

Turn your sea glass finds into beautiful indoor/outdoor sea glass lanterns. This easy DIY craft project is fun for the whole family.

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Outdoor Decor: Embrace The Lantern Trend

Outdoor lanterns are the hottest trend in patio, garden and outdoor lighting. This DIY worthy weekend update will instantly elevate your outdoor space.

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