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Cheated on Nikon & Fell In Love With A Samsung Camera

Travel Gear: Samsung Galaxy CameraWhile traveling in Italy recently, I fell in love with the Samsung Galaxy Camera.  Time to do a cartwheel!

This might be the easiest digital camera to use without being a photo geek, but it’ll make you look like a pro.

I didn’t cheat on my Nikon on purpose, the battery died midday.  Thankfully a fellow editor, pulled this little baby out of his backpack… an extra.   The gods were smiling on me!

Samsung you have a new fan, actually quite a few once the entire BlogTour Milan crew saw it. Samsung Galaxy Camera HD touch screenWith no time for reading a manual, I literally tucked my dead camera in my bag and started shooting with the Galaxay, 8 hours and a few hundred photos later, the results were amazing.  So easy.

  • Perfect weight and balance ratio for one handed photography
  • Smart Pro Mode gives you easy one tap options for brilliant photos
  •  21x Zoom lens allows super clear close-ups
  • Sharing over bluetooth or WiFi is easy and seamless
  • HD digital touch screen
  • Slow-motion video
  • Easy edit mode
  • Voice command: tell it to zoom in or out

All this in an ergonomic minimal design in super chic white, bellisimo.  Be warned this beautiful Samsung Galaxy Camera is a magnet for camera envy.

Samsung Galaxy CameraNo squinting!  The big easy-to-see HD digital touch screen makes viewing a breeze.  Samsung Galaxy CameraMany of us travel with more than one camera: a camera on our Smartphone; a compact digital camera which takes great photos; and some with a big professional camera, changeable lenses and a bag full of camera gear.   A great compact or pocket/purse sized camera, like the Samsung Galaxy Camera is the do-it-all workhorse.

Samsung Galaxy Camera HD Touch Screen Everybody takes pictures when they travel, and if WiFi is willing we also share them real time.  With the Samsung Galaxy Camera you can do it all from the camera!

Sadly this Samsung Galaxy Camera has been shipped back to its rightful owner.   Now the hubby has decided, he needs a new camera, any guess which one he’ll end up with?  If you are in the market for a compact, easy-to-use, camera which produces professional results and makes sharing quality photos a real time event, this is the camera for you.


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6 Responses to Cheated on Nikon & Fell In Love With A Samsung Camera

  1. Looks very interesting, Lisa. Sounds tempting!

  2. I know you love your big Nikon, but for a purse sized camera you can Instagram from… it does take nice photos.

  3. Looks like the perfect on-the-go camera, with great features. It is sad that I envy this little guy’s journey to Venice and Milan!

  4. Like how you put it Kathy, “on-the-go camera”. It really was a nice little camera. Though I need to practice to take photos like you. 🙂

  5. new

    Thanks for sharing. I love samsung

  6. I didn’t know I liked Samsung cameras until I was forced to try one. Awesome!

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