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Check Out What Beds Are Trending In The Bedroom

The bedroom, as the name implies, is a room dedicated to one piece of furniture – the bed.   The bed can set the tone for the decor of the entire room.  Today’s bedrooms ooze style as we’ve been unleashed to create a truly personal room centered around a feeling of comfort and relaxation.  Check out the latest hot bed trends.Fully upholstered bedLeather or fabric upholstered beds inspire comfort, makes one just wanna crawl up and settle in and ignore the rest of the world.  Upholstered headboards and beds offer the feeling of comfort and luxury.Headboard and bed in patterned fabricUpholstery is HUGE!  Whether a simple headboard or the whole bed, use a pattern and go for it.  When I designed this headboard for a client the whole room was about the indigo and cream Hinson toile fabric.  We used it on drapery, a chair, a bench and the headboard.  Repeating the same fabric is very traditional, soothing and classic.  Or on its own, the bed can be a true statement piece.Bed with wood and upholstery Can’t agree on wood or upholstery?  Choose both. Using a small amount of plain but luxurious fabric, helps to soften a big heavy wood bed.  Four Post Upholstered BedModern canopy bedAhh the four post and/or canopy bed… this can add dreamy drama to any bedroom.  The bed of every young girl’s dreams updated and modernized and much less girly.  Perfect for those who appreciate tradition with an up-to-date vibe. Painted wood bedLighten up with a painted wood bed.  Evoke purity and ease with a white bed or strike a completely different chord with a bold color.  A big dark wooden bed can easily overwhelm a room and feel heavy.  Whether painting a flea-market find or buying a new bed, wood does not have to be the big color in the bedroom. Vintage fantasy bedSet the stage in the bedroom with a fantasy bed.  I couldn’t help myself, this over the top vintage bed could be incredible in the right bedroom.  A fantasy bed creates the mood and leads the interior design choices for the entire bedroom.  With this bed there is no question of where the magic happens.

Bedrooms are personal, beds can be too.  When I am working on a bedroom with a client the first thing we discuss is mood.  What is the mood or style you want to create in the room?

Next we choose the bed.  The bed is the focal point and acts like the team leader for the entire room.  When it comes to a master bedroom, this is the place to treat yourself.  Buy it once and buy it right. Custom headbord by Interior Design FactoryChoosing between a headboard or complete bed can come down to the available space and cost.  If space or cost is an issue, a beautiful headboard can give you all the style and luxury you desire.  Many of those pictured above could be used as a headboard only.   A wonderful bedroom does not require a complete bed, just the illusion of one.  🙂Lisa sig

Bed photo credits: Sunpan, Upholstered – Cellura Designs & Main Cottage, Curate Home Furnishings, Emerson et Cie, Tritter FeeferTrade Winds Furniture, and Kelly Werstler via 1stdibs

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2 Responses to Check Out What Beds Are Trending In The Bedroom

  1. you said it: Buy it once and buy it right!! Great post, thanks!

  2. Thanks Courtney! Seriously it is kinda funny how we put off that dream bed or buy what is easy. The right bed will last and be a sense of enjoyment for a lot of years. These are trending yet timeless.


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