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Classic Cars Sport Springtime Colors

Ferrari 365 BBSpringtime brings classic cars out of the garage motoring down the street if full color.  Spring is in the air, vintage cars take to the road.  Blue Hudson HornetLook around any modern parking lot and there is a sea of black, white and silver with maybe a speck of blue, red or yellow.  The majority of daily drivers are an inspirational yawn when it comes to paint colors, a blip on the personality scale.  But this was not always the case.  Light yellow DuesnbergVintage and classic cars are bursting with color and personality.   This chiffon yellow was a popular color back in the 1930’s on Duesenbergs and Packards.  Morris TruckYellow, green, purple, aqua, orange and numerous blues are a delightful characteristic which allow vintage cars to elicit a smile.  1904 Oldsmobile Model N Touring Runabout Lorraine- Dietrich Torpedo Type B3-6 1923Bugatti Type 55Ferrari Dino in purple1951 Pegaso Bugatti Torpedo Grand Sport 43Delage Biplace Type FLove this two color Delage from 1908, in bright red and blue.  While much smaller than many of today’s cars, two tone color schemes were so invigorating.  In typical early two tone schemes black fenders were the neutral and the body was allowed a technicolor departure depending on one’s taste.   It is when they ventured beyond black as the secondary color, car colors got more exciting. 1936 Talbot Lago T150C Figoni & Falaschi CabrioletBugatti RoyaleDare to be… original.  If nothing else it makes finding a car in a parking lot so much easier.  They say car color reflects the economy, would you agree?  I mean non-luxury carmakers always have energetic and attractive color options beyond the sea of boring.

Do you like your cars in color or do you like to blend in?


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One Response to Classic Cars Sport Springtime Colors

  1. How does car color reflect the economy? Sounds like an interesting concept.

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