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Color Is The Begining and End of a Room

From the moment our eye’s initially flutter open until our head is back on the pillow and our eyelids close, color is the first and last thing we see every day in our home.  For some their choice it is a riot of vibrant colors, others choose a calmer palette.  Either way every room involves color.    When designers plan a room, any room, no make that every room – the element of color is always present.  Before the first stick of furniture goes into a room a color palette is determined.  A favorite color, a specific fabric, piece of artwork, rug – some thing is the inspiration for the colors we use room. A simple bouquet of peonies favored by the homeowner could be the impetus for an entire room. A fabric which embodies the colors from the peonies becomes the color key for the room.  Finding something to use in the room as the basis of the color palette or color scheme gives a room purpose and makes the chosen colors understandable.  Nothing is worse than a poorly designed color scheme made up of, “I like this color, and that color and…”  Colors have to make sense to all who enter a room.  This is how one creates a comfortable environmentHow to get color right:

  • Start with color inspiration.
  • Find a color key as the basis for a room color scheme.
  • Let the color key act as a roadmap to what colors can be used in a room and use them on different pieces and surfaces in the room.

By beginning with color inspiration and finding a color key to work your decor around this allow the parts and pieces to coordinate effectively.  The trick is to coordinate your decorating efforts around and within (yes – discipline is required) the chosen color scheme.

When colors which make sense to the viewer, coordinate and work together they create very comfortable environments people want to be in.  This makes a successful interior.  When you start a room with color you can end with a wonderful result.

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2 Responses to Color Is The Begining and End of a Room

  1. Love the flowers! See how easy it is to find color inspiration for our homes? No beige here!