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Come Home to Color

Homeowners are becoming more and more comfortable with infusing their homes with color.  They are no longer afraid of using bold colors which speak to their personality.  It doesn’t matter whether a home is contemporary or traditional we will show how great color produces great results in either style.

This contemporary Santa Monica, California home wears its colors on its sleeve with no apologies.

This is one hot kitchen created by designer Elina Katsioula-Beall of DeWitt Designer Kitchens.  Peeking through the rooms it is easy to understand the need for a whole house to coordinate.

The mood in the bathroom shifts to a more serene atmosphere even though bold colors are still in use.

In a traditional home, this wonderfully intense violet lacquer door opens to reveal a soothing yet elegant dining room with a very traditional interior.  Notice how it is perfectly acceptable to pair the light painted wood chairs with the stately dark wood table.  Mix and match for crisp visual pleasure.

Traditional homes can become fresh and modern with the simple infusion of color.  Here the main green and lavender tones weave their way throughout the public spaces to create a calming and cohesive interior.

Color is an important component in creating a happy and inviting atmosphere.  Interiors perform magic when a guest walks in and a silent smile washes over their face as they gaze about their surroundings.  Each time I’ve witnessed this it always has to do with color.

Credits:  Photos 1-3 by Suki Medencevic via KBBOnline and photos 5 and 6 by Maura McEvoy via House Beautiful.

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2 Responses to Come Home to Color

  1. Decor Arts Now

    Adore color. Those first few pics woke me right up.

  2. Lisa M Smith

    Yeah that first one might be a bit electric but I love the flow. Thanks for stopping by Lynne!

    Decor Girl

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