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Cool Cars Driven In The Mille Miglia

Cool Cars Driven In The Mille MigliaRain or shine the Millie Miglia, the 1000 mile race from Brescia, Italy to Rome and back is the coolest of cool car events for May. What began in 1927 and ran until 1957, minus those pesky war years, reborn in 1977 and now a yearly event is the spring destination for vintage car lovers from all over the world. As this is such a special race I thought it would be fun to take a look at some cool cars from the 2012 – 2014 races, courtesy of the Suixtil Archives.

2012 Mille Miglia

Porsche, Maserati and Bentley from 2012 MMLegendary Abarth at Mille Miglia 2012One doesn’t see one of these rare racing Abarths every day.

2013 Mille Milgia

Ferrari, Alfa, Lotus and Bugatti MM2013Rain does not thwart the open top or convertible.  I see this and fail to understand the modern guy who falls into a heap if it rains on his coupe.  Cars were made to be driven.  There was no disclaimer, “fine weather only.”

2014 Mille Miglia

2014 Mille Miglia  Maserati and CistaliaHas your heart skipped a beat yet? Bugatti, Jaguar and Alfa 8C MM2014Isetta MM2014How can you not love the BMW Isetta, certainly not your typical endurance race car. Cute can race too!

The Mille Miglia is living history, modern cars are not allowed. According to the official Mille Miglia website the acceptable entrants are, “The car models that can enter for the Mille Miglia are those of which at least one specimen took part in one of the speed editions (1927-1957), or completed the registration formalities for one of these editions.”  The current provisional entrant list has room for 456 cars, though not all slots are claimed.

The Mille Miglia begins next week on May 14 and runs through May 17th. This is another one of those car enthusiast Bucket List items, some year we are going.


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