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Countdown to Concours Sunday in Pebble Beach

Next Sunday more than 220 spectacular vehicles will be lined up on the fairway to participate in the Aug. 21 Concours d’Elegance.   This is THE show of car shows with vintage automobile enthusiasts popping in from all over the world.  The entrants are arriving from 14 different countries and one principality.

Last years entrant from The Netherlands 1928 Bugatti Type 43

A 1961 Jaguar E-Type Fixed Head Coupé is making the 5,870 miles / 9,450 km trek via a transatlantic cargo carrier.

Jaguar E-Type

Photo via Gmotors UK

The 1946 Allard J1 Supercharged will start with a 580 mile road tip from Brisbane to Sydney, Australia hop a flight to LAX.  For additional fun it is back on a truck up to Seattle, Washington so it’s owner can participate in Pebble Beach Motoring Classic, the 9 day 1,500-mile tour through the Pacific Northwest on its way to Pebble Beach.  All this for a total of  7,060 miles / 11,400 km of travel.


Likely one of the more interesting trips is for a rare (one of only five still in existence) 1950 Delahaye Guillore Atlas.  Beginning in Monaco, driving through France and Italy before hopping a 15 hour Autotrain ride through Switzerland to Germany then onto another driving leg to Rotterdam for a 27 day summer boat ride over across the Atlantic and through the Panama Canal for a total of 6,040 miles / 9,720 km.  Of course it’s owner is participating in the drive from Seattle too, so what is a few more miles of travel.

1950 Delahaye Guillore Atlas

Photo via Club Delahaye

Guess I can’t complain about a 4-5 hour plane ride.

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