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Decor Girl Takes Off And Gives Back

Decor Girl Takes Off And Gives BackIts almost time for me to leave on the Mary Grace Tour! The blog will be a little quiet for the month of June until I’m back but I am so excited to retrace my mother’s footsteps as I replicate part of her  European journey from back in the early 60s.

Travel JournalArmed with her travel journal we’ve planned a fantastic trek stopping at all the sites she noted and enjoyed. Admittedly a few places are no longer there or got lost in translation. Petoskey News Review Article on Mary's tripWe won’t have the luxury of meeting Danish Royalty or Walt Disney and getting his autograph like she did, but we’ll have our own fun. We get to meet some of our European Instagram pals which I’m really looking forward to.

Mary Grace Tour RouteEveryone has asked me if I’m going to write about it, honestly I didn’t realize anyone would find it interesting. While we are gone I’ll post to Instagram and Twitter. The juicy blog posts will wait until I return which coordinates nicely with our typical summer focus, on travel, cool destinations and interesting history. (During July and August nobody decorates, they are out having fun.)

Mary Grace TourThis is my mom on the street in Copenhagen. There will also be trip highlights posted to the Mary Grace Tour Crowdrise webpage, as we are hoping to raise $10,000 for Abuse, Counseling and Treatment, Inc., the domestic violence agency which gave my mom comfort. You can click on the link on the sidebar for more information and get automatic updates as a contributor.

In a home with domestic violence it isn’t easy just to get up and leave. Domestic violence agencies and hotlines provide victims and family members with much needed tools to help them navigate their lives. The question should never be why doesn’t she just leave, the question is why anyone else who witnesses a man treating or talking to a woman with disrespect doesn’t call him out on his behavior? Why do we accept undignified behavior? If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, please consider a small donation, every penny helps.

Toodles, for now! Wish me great weather and safe travels…


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