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Decorating In Pairs

If copying is the sincerest form of flattery why not do it in your own interior?  Whether your style is sophisticated, contemporary, traditional, eclectic, or casual, decorating with pairs can work interior magic in any home.  via Architectural Digest

Why pairs?  Pairs create balance.  Interiors which are balanced make us comfortable, offers stability, reduces stress and gives us peace.  When items are repeated this creates comfort in a space, we know what to expect.  But forget the designer-speak, using pairs makes decorating easy! Part of the charm of using pairs is they give the feeling of bounty without seeming excessive.  It is quite unsettling to walk into a room where there is one sofa, one of three different styles of chairs, a hodge-podge of tables, with orphan lamps sprinkled around the room.  Eclectic is one thing, but one of everything quite frankly comes off as garage-sale decor and not in a good way.  Using pairs is an idea worth repeating in the same room.  Notice how many different sets of pairs I checked in this one room.  The effect is soothing and beautiful. On this project we used pairs for continuity and ease.  This big sofa is repeated on the opposite side of the room.   The two Ryan McGinness paintings were commissioned as a pair to flank each side of the custom in-wall TV display cabinet.  Here sits the other sofa in a separate conversation area, surrounded by pairs.  We had to accommodate a lot of seating in this one room and by using pairs we kept the room from feeling too busy for the client.

Next time you want to make a change to your interior, decorate in pairs; it makes decorating easy and looks wonderful.   Regardless of how much you spend the result is rich!

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