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Decorating Outdoors With A Water Feature

Water features in have been trending in the garden in the last few years to the point where one was fun but magazines and garden shows have shown, more is even better.  Anyplace outdoors can be a fun place to incorporate a water feature.  Backyard, front door, walkways or patios, all can be fun spots to incorporate a water feature (or more) into your garden design or patio decorating project. Outdoor woodland water featureWhen planning a water feature for your outdoor spaces, consider it just like you would a piece of art.  Water features provide a focal point and ambiance.  Place them where you can get the maximum enjoyment or as an element of surprise.   Sure it is nice to sit out on a secluded patio gazing into your various plantings, and noticing the errant weed. Now imagine gazing into a small pond, maybe you’ve  added some fish or a gurgling solar fountain, much better.  You become lulled into relaxation… weeds, what weeds… This gurgling vase creates a charming focal point at a garden intersection, do I want to pause or go that way? Above ground fountain made from stoneA natural stone fountain tucked around a corner along a woodland path is a welcome surprise to those who choose to meander.  Above ground water featureBy adding a curved pool along the side of the wall, one’s eye is invited to rest while enjoying the outdoor patio.  Gentle streams arc out of the wall creating a gentle pitter-patter on the pool. Woodland water feature with waterfallWaterfall from a tall stone wallIs there anyone who doesn’t like a waterfall?

For me water features are as much about creating visual interest as they are to add audible stimulation.  The gentle sound of a bubbling water fountain or babbling brook, moving water creates its own symphony of soothing ambient noise to drown out unwanted environmental sounds; a barking dog; nearby highway; distant lawnmowers; or irritatingly noisy neighbors.

Water features can be in-ground, above ground, built-into the landscape or casually placed on the city patio.  They can be silent or provide hypnotic background noise.  Water features are a wonderful element to incorporate into any outdoor space plus they go with any color scheme.  It doesn’t matter if it is a full blown waterfall gushing into a pond or a casual tabletop water fountain, all are a welcome element when decorating outdoors. Lisa sig

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