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Delightful Editing Is An Interior Designer’s Beauty Secret

A beautiful room makes you smile every time you enter or walk by.  So why are they so elusive?  This is by far my #1 dilemma of 99% of new clients. They all sing the same tune, “the room just never seems quite right.”  Nine times out of ten the solution lies in the editing.  We often add more furniture or accessories to fix a problem when removing would get us closer to interior nirvana.  Pleasing interiors are all about the editingColorful library by Jamie Drake Coco Chanel quoteJust listen to Chanel, she had it right!

Warning, I may get a little snarky because this can be so easy but often people go so wrong with over decorating and have a really hard time getting it right.  Breathe, get a cup of tea and be open – I promise you’ll look at your rooms in a completely new way.

The Rich Do It Better 

Beautiful easy hallwayOne thing you rarely find in a wealthy person’s home (I’m talking real money not the credit-rich) is clutter.  Clutter is something people use when they have a need to feel wealthy.  One keeps every little thing around them so they can survey all they have.

Wanna live like a rich person, then decorate like one and get rid of the cutter.  Fill a room with comfortable furnishings, but not more than you need.  A room is beautiful when one can see what is in it without visual confusion.

Just Say “No!”Over decoratingInterior design is a vocation, not a hobby and what you don’t want is for it to be a never ending cycle of buying/shopping for your home.  It does not matter if an item is “cute”, “pretty”, “goes with…” or even is beautiful if the room does not need it or it doesn’t fit.

 Be JudgmentalToo much in a dining roomGo ahead, put on your inner mean-girl or mean-guy and unleash your judgmental wrath on your own home.  This is the one time being judgmental can work for you, and keep you out of trouble.

Be tough. Look at a room, an object, a piece of art – is it truly beautiful or is it just filler?  Ban the excuses of who gave it to you or where it came from and review your home with a curatorial and impersonal eye.

Magnificent AccessoriesEduardo Garza tabletopThis dynamic quartz crystal piece from Eduardo Garza offers a magnetic pull to the eyes, it is so fabulous.

If you are going to feature an item on your bookcase or table, make sure it is awesome.  This is valuable real estate to waste on so-so accessories or artwork.

Items for display need to be wonderful to look at.  I like to tell clients, once you know the spaces you need to fill – this is what you are looking for when you are on vacation.  Bring back a wonderful piece of artwork as a souvenir so you can embrace your travels every day. beautiful living room The Magic Wand  An interior designer can help, this is what we do. This is the other reason rich people do it better – they hire someone to make the tough decisions.  Many designers are available for consultations and will happily come in with an objective opinion.  We focus our efforts on making your home  look like your home, but we can see what you are often too close to see.

Curate Rooms Don’t (Over) Decorate ThemBlue room by Biran Del ToroIn a nutshell, your best tool is discipline.  Not every item should be rockstar level eye candy, in fact some items are just the opposite.  Take a look at your room, keep what is necessary, what makes other items look good, is beautiful to look at and get rid of the rest.  The better you are able to edit, the more beautiful your home will be.


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8 Responses to Delightful Editing Is An Interior Designer’s Beauty Secret

  1. The details can make a break the room. Great points Lisa!

  2. You are so right- less is more. The word editing is key…. I was not familiar with the Coco quote- that is awesome! Now, if you will excuse me, I will go take a look at each room in the house….

  3. Thank you Donna. Too often it is too many trips to those cheap decorative (crap) stores or armchair shopping which turns a room into visual vomit.

  4. … and the “less is more” rule is a good one but you’re right, buy quality not “vomit” LoL

  5. Fab post and lessons we all need to heed!

  6. I agree, editing is key in all beautiful rooms. You offer some very good and specific actions that will help your readers to accomplish this. “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”. I think that is a Channel quote too.

  7. Thank you Terri. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. XO

  8. Thank you Lisa, we all need a fresh look once in a while don’t we. 🙂

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