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Design Principles In Action

Interior designers learn and intuitively function around a number of Design Principles which become our language.   These are nothing new, but tried and true values which have withstood the test of time for creating wonderful interiors.

Texture: Thick custom wool rug (Hokanson), sleek and smooth cream fabrics (Pierre Frey, White Plains, & Gray Watkins), shiny Venetian plaster walls, etc.

Formal Balance: artwork and custom media cabinet – each side is the mirror opposite in shape and substance.

Informal Balance: sofa opposed by two chairs and table.

Color: Shell fabric is the Color Key or roadmap for the entire color scheme.

Scale: Large and small scale artwork, large and small scale furniture (Holly Hunt, Christian Liagre for Holly Hunt, Dakota Jackson, and Nancy Corzine), one large rug with over scaled sand dollar and water pattern.

Style: This penthouse condo in Pelican Bay in Naples, FL overlooks the ocean, upscale beach.

Rhythm: C-shapes or curves of furniture arrangements, repetition in colors and shapes, colors move around the room.

Focal Point: original artwork by Ryan McGinnis  on TV cabinet wall and large print by Roy Lichtenstein on opposing wall, or TV when doors are open.

Relationships: Oceanfront elements and colors unify this room with the locale.  Walls and the light fabrics replicate the sand; shells appear on tabletops and in the fabric. The colors of the artwork come directly from the shell fabric and ocean.  Notice how even the stripes of the Pierre Frey fabric on the chairs are repeated in the artwork – this was a lucky coincidence. 🙂

What I hope you’ll see is how every part and piece in a room has a purpose.  What ever goes in must have a role to play to fulfill the goal of a room being comfortable and inviting.  If you’d like to see more, check out our previous post on Design Principles in Action at the Encore in Las Vegas.

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