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Design Projects: Secrets to Stress Free Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling can be a stress producing cauldron. It doesn’t have to be, I know because we are about to begin remodeling a bathroom which currently functions as the master bathroom.  Here are my secrets to keeping any design project stress free

Bathroom before remodelHideous isn’t it?

While there are no shortcuts, but these remodeling tips will help you get the bathroom you desire and avoid pulling your hair out in the process. 🙂
stress free design projectBUDGET – It doesn’t matter who you are or what type of project, always start with money.  We often underestimate the cost of products and labor if only because it may have been 10 years since we last did a project.  Things change, prices change and in order to create a proper budget it is important to know the costs items today.

Bathrooms can get pricey, fast.  In our bathroom we compromised on cabinets and flooring, two items which can easily double or triple the price of a bathroom.   However, we are not compromising on looks or performance.

DESIGN – Hire a contractor and a designer.  Having a complete design before your start your remodeling project is key. 

“I tell all my clients that money spent on a design professional will be a great investment. Projects run smoother, quicker, and the results speak for themselves. Ultimately they help transform boring, plain spaces into spaces that are inviting, purposeful and enjoyable. After all, the finished product is what most people remember long after the contractor has gone home.”  – Todd Fratzel custom home builder

In the case of our bathroom the space is fixed, we can’t just go blowing out walls.  Not everything we want fits, physically or within the budget. Measure your bathroomThis bathroom took a lot of plopping components (sink, tub, cabinets, etc.) into a plan to achieve the final design.

This is where your research helps.  All those Pinterest boards, bathroom wish lists, product bookmarks and project dream files are your personal garden to harvest ideas from.

PLANNING – A great project is the result of meticulous planning, period.

The “I want it now” attitude is a recipe for disaster.  Make all selections and have them on site before the remodeling project begins.  This assists your contractors in their planning and time management so they can be in and out as quickly as possible.Lisa putting cabinets togetherHere I am putting together a medicine cabinet so it is all ready to go when the contractor arrives.

ACHIEVEMENT – Imagine walking into a completely finished project, completed on time and within budget.  This can be your reality if you follow the tips above.  Stay tuned, you’ll see our finished project soon.


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2 Responses to Design Projects: Secrets to Stress Free Bathroom Remodeling

  1. this is good advice… it is not at all as easy as it looks!

  2. Thank you, it is never as inexpensive as we hope either. 🙂

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