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Designer Humble Pie

Sometimes I can be a design snob*.  Shocking I know.  Though it is never about price only quality.  So many brand names in home decor and cabinetry we grew up hearing about fell flat once we reached adulthood.  Companies have been bought and sold to a point only the name exists on what has become a very substandard product.  I’ve found this to be so common, it had become almost a habit to avoid the old standbys without even looking at them.

In the case of Kraftmaid Cabinetry, in my locale Kraftmaid was also like an irritating mother-in-law for many designers.  After creating a client approved design plan, it would get blown up over a weekend by the client who got all goo-goo eyed at the semi-secret Kraftmaid factory sale and now had a garage full of (partially useless) factory seconds or leftovers nobody would pay full price for and were miles away from the design plan. 

Time for a nice big bite of humble pie.

Last year at the Kitchen & Bath Show I couldn’t miss the big purple Kraftmaid banners or their sizable booth.  Always a sucker for a good color, I took a look.  A fresh color equaled a fresh product.  As I opened and closed drawers and doors my perception began to shift.  This is a nice product, a quality product, a usable product.     Above photos courtesy of Kraftmaid.

As I take another bite of humble pie, I will confess there was a brand new Kraftmaid showroom not 4 miles from me which I couldn’t be bothered with.  However, having gone to the show with the express purpose of looking for budget friendly bathroom cabinets for one of my clients, I made a beeline for the showroom the week I returned home.  We found the perfect cabinets at a pleasurable price and the clients are thrilled.   They delivered a high quality product, when they said and a the price they quoted.  All are happy.

Fork down, wipe my face with a napkin, push back the plate and conclude: this was a very fruitful piece of humble pie.

* Not a complete snob, by now you know I have an ongoing tryst with IKEA ♥.

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