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Designing a Tiny Bathroom Tile Floor

One would assume a tiny bathroom would be easy, not much space.  In this case the bathroom is 51.5″ x 53.5″ or barely enough room to turn around.  Technically it’s a powder room.  This version of hideous bathroom redo has no before pictures because taking them would have broken any camera.  Imagine gross glossy brown relief patterned floor tiles and even worse designer-esque retro rectangular (with round corners) poop brown sink and matching toilet.  The style was not so bad, the color – nasty.So how does one make a small bathroom interesting?  Place the focal point on the floor.  (You tend to look down anyway, why fight it?) This keeps the walls from closing in.  These frogs create an unexpected smile.

This is an easy DIY project because the floor design is based on not wanting to cut any tiles.  Using 4″ square tumbled marble in a non-color and tiny handmade mosaic tiles (purchased on eBay) allowed the ease of installation to lead the layout.  The design was purposeful to allow the tiny colorful tiles to take up the additional space needed had I chosen to cut the 4″ tiles to fit, including grout lines.  There would have been a tiny sliver of tile in each row.

How to get this right?  Lay they entire design out on the floor and measure, measure, measure.For small locations use small tiles, large tiles make anyone in the room mentally count the tiles to figure the size of the space, which makes a room feel smaller.  By using small tiles mimicking the squareness of the room (so small you can’t design your way out of it) and an overall no-to-serious pattern allows the whimsy to capture attention rather than the small size.

This is also a good example of create your own color palette or scheme.  Purple iridescent wallcovering (with it’s own installation story for another day) allows the freedom to find other colors within the base color.  Purple, turquoise and blue-green are an analogous color scheme.  Check out the blog, Color In Design who defines this well.This turned out fantastic and fun.  Can you identify the 5 design techniques shown in this picture to make one forget the small size of this space?  Hint: 3 are mentioned.

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8 Responses to Designing a Tiny Bathroom Tile Floor

  1. Thank you! It is amazing how something so small can make a big impact and so easy.

  2. These are just lovely and the color combination is just great. I so agree with your idea of putting the focal point on the floor to keep the walls from closing in. Anyway, thank you for sharing this post. I do believe that several other readers will be inspired by this.

  3. Thank you for stopping by. It was a fun floor to do especially as my first and only tile floor installation. Makes me appreciate the professionals who do this everyday.

  4. No matter the space of the area, one can make improvements on its design, like the one shown in this blog post. You are not just beautifying your bathroom but you are also making sure that the tiles are well maintained to prevent slipping especially when the floor is wet. This is another idea that other home owners out there could consider. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for stopping by!


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