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DIY Area Rugs with Carpet Tile

Ever find a rug you like only to realize it won’t fit?  Or maybe your room size or layout calls for something other than the standard rectangles?  It is annoying.  Typical area rugs or runners can be limiting in both size and design, but thanks to carpet tile, solutions are available.

I got hooked on carpet tile (aka carpet squares or modular carpet) with my very first commercial design job: the lobby of a movie theater.  A no brainer for commercial applications but as I worked with it, I realized it is perfect for the DIY person at home too.

No dirty work involved!  Measure,  a little double sided tape on the perimeter and done.  Duh, no cutting – love this.  Okay so I can be a bit lazy and enjoy immediate gratification from time to time.  Carpet tiles work great for home use when one wants a runner or area rug.  A runner for this long hallway would be prohibitively expensive and feel endless.  These tiles are from Mannington Commercial which I love because they have a hard rubber backing.  I pull up any tile with a tough spill (hairballs) hose it off, let it dry and reinstall and it looks like new.

Benefits of carpet tile:

  • Fast installation
  • Easy DIY project
  • Inexpensive
  • Create your own design
  • Easy to replace if a area gets ruined

The world’s largest producer of modular commercial floorcovering, Interface Inc., was founded in the United States in 1973 to produce carpet tiles.  In 2003 it’s President launched FLOR as a vehicle to reach the urban consumer who is interested in design based carpet options.

Laid directly over a plywood subfloor, these carpet tiles from Tandus  became wall-to-wall carpet in a home work area which serves multiple uses as the home workshop (saws & power tools), craft area, and storage.

Once client who steers away from wall-to-wall because of allergies, let her 10 year old son install his own area rug for his bedroom.  We picked a few colors and he did the rest.

Carpet tiles are fun and allow homeowners to utilize their own creativity.  They look great and are an easy flooring solution. Carpet tiles are a great option for home use.  Were could you use carpet tiles?

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3 Responses to DIY Area Rugs with Carpet Tile

  1. Cindy davis

    Great idea Lisa. I think that commercial carpet tiles would be so much more durable at home. I just finished raising teenagers – durability was the main feature for everything I have purchased in the last 10 years. Looking forward to decorating again with an empty nest.

    See you on twitter!


  2. Lucky you – a new decorating project built around a new phase in life, always fun!

    Thanks for stopping by,

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