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DIY Decorating: Are You A Green Faker?

Are you a green faker?Green is everywhere around us as a color, a practice, a movement and as a thought process.  When it comes to home interiors there is only one true way to embrace the green design trend which works in every home, with every style and is affordable to all… decorate with green plants.    But, and this is a real live, kick yourself if-you-are-doing-it-wrong-but,  use real live plants only  –  NO FAKES.

No faux plants indoorsUnless someone is at the top of their type-A personality game with cleanliness, fake plants are nothing more than dirt, dust and grime shelves.  Regardless of the quality they never look fresh and in the case of the faux topiary above one might as well just put up a sign, “trying too hard.”   Yick, yuck, faux no. Plants in a book caseLive plants inject life into a home.  They give a home vitality and dimension.  As we strive to make our homes:

  • peaceful
  • inviting
  • natural
  • comfortable, or
  • improve indoor air quality, and
  • achieve a zen-like atmosphere

Live plants are the easy solution.Live herbs in the kitchenIf you want to achieve any of the above a living breathing green plant will do it.   Live plants in the home offer numerous health benefits too.  Before you balk, there are plenty pet-safe choicesPlant wallPlanters may be permanent or moveable.Live plants in the homeVases and potted plants are not just for special occasions.   Green herb wallTake indoor gardening to a new level with an interior herb garden.  A dedicated growing area complete with grow lights, like this scrumptious herb wall, can be designed into a room.

At the iSalone design show in Milan this year, live plants were a huge trend.  For more of our real live green plant discoveries for the interior, check out my pal Robin’s Green Design Trends post on her Urban Gardens blog.

Decorate with real plants, don’t be a green faker.


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