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DIY Home Decor: Have You Lettered Yet?

Letters for Home DecorOne of the latest home decor trends for personalizing the home is with letters.  The ABC’s are all grown up.  Have no fear imperfection is the key.  While super simple in theory, this does require more than a trip to the craft store to achieve a stellar result.  We are going for fabulous, not cutesy.  Here is the perfect DIY project for those who relish in the thrill of the hunt.

Vintage signage is a hot trend for interiors, however signs displaying a name of old business can become a bit theme-y and homespun.  Vintage letters, on the other hand can work in any decor.

The Letter Hunt Hunting for lettersSearch stores, garage sales, tag sales, and antique flea markets to locate cool letters with a vintage vibe.  Go for a mix and match look, not shiny and new.  Dimension is key, flat is boring.  

For the armchair based hunter, Vintage Marquee Lights has neat letters on Etsy.  If you are a total DIY diva… grab your tool belt for a complete DIY project.

Size MattersVintage dollar signBig letters like marquee lights, with or without working lights are fun if your space allows it.  Small printer blocks can be equally fun in intimate locations.  Both can give your final design an energetic pop.  Look for thick sculptural letters to give your interior texture.  By focusing on just letters, in different shapes or sizes, your final design will scream personal and fun.  Letters as a bookcaseAlthough new, these creative bookshelf letters offer the same dynamic as vintage letters.  The people who live here are interesting!

Which comes first, the letters or the word?   Letter signDepending on your finds, use the letters to form a whimsical word or as the first letter in the names of you and your children.   Avoid the obvious like bath or kitchen unless welcome to the house for idiots is your concept.  A simple initial hung on the door to your child’s bedroom can be an amusing idea.

Vintage is key but a vintage look with plenty of patina including dents and dings will be sublime.  What makes this work is the lack of perfection.   Mismatched fonts or styles gives your design a quirky edge.

Conversation is the goal.  As with any item hung on a wall, perched on a shelf or displayed on a table the guiding principle is to make it interesting.   Home accessories should spark conversation.

  • Where did you get that?
  • Where did you find those?
  • How did you come up with such a cool idea?

When conversation is the goal, accessories can achieve success.   Personalizing a home with vintage (look) letters is the new interior monogram.   Who said you couldn’t be your own artist?


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