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DIY Trendy Jeans, OMG This Is Easy!

Get ready for a little DIY in the fashion department.  Since it is a Friday I’ll mix it up a little bit and go all crafty on you.  Patterned jeans are the current fashion trend but why spend money on something you can make yourself?  Here is what I recently did with a pair of old jeans and some bleach.

Recycle your jeans into a new look.  Make your own Trendy jeansHave you ever had a pair of jeans, worn to the perfect fit that you do not wish to part with… but they look a little long in the tooth?  I have just the same pair.  Too nice to turn into gardening jeans, I decided I would embellish them a bit.  No worries, I do not own a b-dazzler (anymore).  We’ll call it Extend The Life Of Your Jeans… Or Pretend To

Prepared jeans

I have always been fascinated but the powers of bleach.  FYI: this requires some agility, no cocktails while creating.  There is no such thing as a bleach spill.  You spill it, you’ve permanently stained something.  

Tools Required:

  • Old blue jeans
  • Chalk or white pencil
  • Ruler, if you are fussy
  • Bleach, the original kind, nothing fancy
  • Eye dropper
  • Work table

Tools for projectAn important note on the bleach, use the original stuff , bleach bleach, not color-safe and not the “splash-less” kind.   Unbeknownst to me, splash-less means – does not bleach.  Old school is how we roll.  You’ll also notice a paintbrush in this photo, while this does work the bleach eats the bristles.  They eye- dropper works better.

Draw design on jeansYes, there is a use for that chalk rolling around in your drawer.  Draw your design directly on the jeans, brush away if you don’t like it before you start with the bleach and start over until you get a design you love.Painting with bleachOkay, I call this an eye-dropper but technically it was from when I had to give my cats some medicine. It works fantastic as a bleach paintbrush.

What you don’t see is I stuffed each leg with a garbage bag so I didn’t get any bleed through from one side to another.  Do the front side, then turnover and do the reverse of each leg.  Wait about 10 minutes and decide if you need more, if yes just paint over the existing design until it is beached to your desire.

Let it dry, wash in cold water to remove the stinky bleach smell and now you are ready to rock your new DIY trendy jeansDIY trendy patterned jeans

It was fun, fast and easy.  This is a DIY fashion project anyone can do.  Yes, I’ve worn them in public and gotten some nice compliments.  Next time you are looking for a quick-ish instant gratification DIY project for a lazy afternoon, this is it.  With supervision it could be a super exciting teen project too.  Don’t throw away those worn jeans, embellish them. 🙂

Have a great weekend! Lisa sig

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