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Do Cars Get Any Cuter Than a Porsche 356?

It’s funny, with all the car people I talk to whether it is at a track event, local nothing car parade, across the table at Mar-A-Lago with a major Concours judge from Pebble Beach or even at the Pebble Beach events – everyone knows and has a love for the original Porsche 356.  Porsche lover or not, this car seems to have made a impact on many.

Here is 356 eye-candy!

Historians don’t always agree with the introduction of the first 356 but this gorgeous 356/2 Couple was the 45th 356 built in 1949 in Gmund, Austria and brought to the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance by none other than Hans-Peter Porsche, son of designer Dr. Ferry Porsche.  The car won 1st in Class for Postwar Sports Closed.

Just a few from 2011 Carmel Concours on the Avenue.

Parking lot of the host hotel for the 356 Registry 2010 East Coast Holiday 50th Anniversary Event last summer where as a regular PCA member I volunteered with Autocross and of course decorating the room for the gala.  Can I also call it 356 heaven?

What’s not to love about this cutie from the 2009 Porsche Parade in Keystone, Colorado?  Even the backdrop is perfect.

Scroll back through these pictures and notice just how the front end details changed from year to year on just the coupe.  They were built from 1949 – 1965 in models pre-A, and A-D in coupes, sunroof coupes, cabriolet and speedster versions.

No this is not the same car as the one above, notice the tail-lights & dashboard.

What?  So I’m a little partial to the blue ones.  And I prefer the pre-Lisa (1964) models. 🙂

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3 Responses to Do Cars Get Any Cuter Than a Porsche 356?

  1. Lisa M Smith

    Fortunately in terms of classic cars, Porsche made a lot of these so they are still obtainable… I know what you mean, a friend of ours has had one since new and if he ever wanted to sell… there would be a bidding war. They are simple, charming and great little cars.

  2. Billy Gore

    My first car, the first one I really owned, was a 1964 356C Coupe. A bit too rusty, but a blast to drive. I’ve loved Porsche ever since, currently running a 1996 993 Arena Red Cabriolet, which, of course, I love. Seeing the above article was a joy to see such beautiful machines. Thanks, Lisa!

  3. Lisa M Smith

    OOh that was a good one! Of course I am partial to 1964. The 356 Holiday events are always good – something about the focus and seeing the cars en-mass is awesome. There is just something about the simplicity of the 356 body style… timeless! Thanks for stopping by.


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