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Do You Know The Best Fix For Stinky Towels?

Best fix for smelly towelsWho likes stinky towels? How about that sour mildewy smell which permeates your skin if you happen to use one? Forget buying a different laundry soap or new clothes washer, we’ve got the best way to eliminate smelly towels for good.

Towel Warmer lifestyleIf you think a heated towel bar or towel warmer is just decadent luxury for other people, think again.

Warning, this just might blow your mind… The true purpose for a heated towel bar and why a majority of them (according to manufacturers) are sold in southern or warm climates, is to DRY TOWELS! 

Mr Steam Towel Warmer in bathroomForget they are called towel warmers. Warming a towel prior to using is purely an additional benefit. After stepping out of the tub or shower, place the wet towel on the towel warmer, leave it on for a couple of hours depending on the humidity of your environment and dry your towel. Towels will mildew if left damp day after day. Dry towels don’t mildew.

A heated towel bar makes a negligible difference on the electric bill. For the couple of hours a day its running (I’ve mistakenly left ours on all day) its hardly a blip in electrical usage.

Heated towel bars can be plugged in or hard wired. Neither is a difficult installation during construction or after the fact. They may be switched on the actual unit, wall or entirely programable.

Mr Steam Towel Warmers

Towel warmers come in many shapes, sizes and colors. More bars = more efficient and faster heating. They also come in every price range, from personal experience, you get what you pay for. Look for a model with some heft. Quality construction matters in a towel warmer, this is an appliance after all.

My recommendation is Mr. Steam towel warmers. This is what is in my home and the only brand I specify for clients. Mr. Steam builds a quality product and more importantly if there is an issue, they will help you solve it.

Say goodbye to stinky, smelly towels for good. A towel warmer is the one appliance no bathroom should be without. Oh, and they are great to have when guests come into town.



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