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Does Your Bedroom Have Style?

Of course you have style, but does your bedroom?  Sorry my stylish pal but your just being in the room will not cut it for interior design.  Bedrooms beg to be decorated in a manner which makes you smile when you lay your head on the pillow and flutter open your eyes in the morning.

Does your bedroom offer you the opportunity to escape or is it just the hum drum bed, dresser, couple of bedside tables and call it done?  You can do better and it is easy.  Or you can call me and I’ll do it for you… 🙂 The Basic BedroomHey don’t laugh, lots of people have this headboard, A.K.A none.  I have one.

Adding some panache to the bedroom does not have to be difficult.

It can all begin with one element which lends a certain vibe towards the direction you would like the room to take.  Floriana_IonianSea by double R studioThe first sample bedroom begins with this amazing wallpaper by Double R Studio, which I found last week at ICFF in New York.  The artist starts with a drawing which she then duplicates.  While the end result is crisp, the detail is very loose and painterly.  But I won’t give it all away, the post on their wallpaper will be coming soon.  Let me just say, it might be the most amazing wallpaper you’ve ever seen. Yummy!Mod/Traditional Bedroom StyleIt all depends on the pieces and colors you use what type of interior style you create.  The room can be very minimal like this mod/traditional option with the single wallpapered wall and the seagrass rug, white bed linens, and light wood pieces. bedside tables stencilStarting with a cool wall stencil like this one from Etsy and any beside chest of drawers, this one from IKEA and some spray paint, you can easily create these dramatic bedside tables.  This color scheme came from drama being the goal.  What’s black and white and red in the middle?  A very chic bedroom. Dramatic GlamHere the vibe is something more moody and dramatic.  The charcoal wallpaper from Romo wraps the entire room like a pair of great big arms.  A cozy medium gray wool carpet adds a richness and texture.  While the bed is a bit more opulent in shape, the daring red adds a dash of excitement.

Creating style in the bedroom is pretty easy.  By starting with a couple key items which tickle your fancy, you can allow them to lead you down the road of style.  Hop on over to my Soothing Bedrooms Pinterest Board for more bedroom inspiration. Thank you lisadoube R

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4 Responses to Does Your Bedroom Have Style?

  1. This is really cool. You really capture the element of endless possibility…and design process. Love it!

  2. What an inspiring site! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you, what are your design interests?

  4. Thanks Courtney. Sketch-Up is a fun tool to use in terms of illustrating an idea. Works great for wallpaper.


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