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Does Your Bedroom Say Wanna Sleep With Me?

A new month, a new focus, this month it will be the bedroom.  Bedrooms are where we spend one third of our time at home, although mostly horizontal with our eyes closed.  However, it seems to be an area which receives minimal interior decorating focus.  It is always the room we’ll work on next.  This month I invite you to take a look at your bedroom.  Does it need work?   Is your bedroom as inviting as it can be?  Does it say “sleep with me”?Bedroom from House & HomeThe cool thing about decorating a bedroom is that it need not be an expensive endeavor crammed full of furniture or decorated to the hilt.  Great looking bedrooms are much less uptight than they used to be.  Matchy-matchy suites of furniture are so 40 years ago.  If a bedroom looks easy… this goes a long way to making one want to sleep there.  (Kinda like high school, but in a good way.)     How to start a roomToday we have the option to pick a mood or style which reflects our desires.  Start with a favorite fabric like this one from Thibaut which reflects the mood or style you want to achieve.  From here you’ll come up with a paint color.

When it comes to furniture this is where one can really get creative.  Flea market finds or found pieces can be repurposed.  Inexpensive catalog finds can do the trick too.  I recognize the Pottery Barn bedside table in the picture above, because the same one sits next to my bed!

All month we’ll be talking bedroom in at least one of our posts each week.  We’ll take a look at the elements which make a great bedroom:

  • The Bed
  • Bedside tables / storage
  • Lighting
  • Mood / Style / Theme

Bedrooms can be the most personal room in a home.  The absolute most important component of a bedroom is comfort.  Every single piece of decoration and design from the elements listed must support the idea of comfort.  Does your bedroom give you the, come hither feeling?  If not stay tuned this month and we’ll get you there.  If you’ve got a bedroom dilemma, drop me an email.

Here’s a question for you, do you want a TV in the bedroom or not?Lisa sig

Bedroom photo via House & Home

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2 Responses to Does Your Bedroom Say Wanna Sleep With Me?

  1. The TV in the bedroom can be a tough one, though when one is sick… For my kids room the answer was easy; nope. I actually just pulled ours out as we never use it. For many they can find it distracting & it doesn’t allow them to sleep as well.

    No matter if a client is planning on having a TV or not, we will wire each bedroom with a jack & an extra outlet in the area. With that though we generally don’t recommend they place them in rooms meant primarily for sleeping. For those with suite style rooms which includes a coffee area, if it fits with their lifestyle we will try to find a place that allows them to view it from the dressing, bath areas while not being directly by the bed

    • Great input Sean! Sick is the one time a TV in the bedroom can be a necessity. I follow that old Feng Shui advice about no TV in the bedroom, not a great idea. For me bedrooms are primarily for sleeping = rest. We do everything we can to promote comfort and the ability to get a restful sleep.

      Thank you for stopping by!