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Does Your Dad Like Cars?

Perfect Father's Day Gift For Car LoversIf you are looking for a Father’s Day gift for the man who like cars, we have the answer for you. I mean the totally perfect, you’ll look like the golden child, gift.  This will get you out of hot water, showcase your genius and is way better than a silly tie or backyard grill accessories. Get ready for the perfect Father’s Day gift for a dad’s who like cars.

What do car enthusiasts love?

  • History – men love nostalgia
  • Legendary DNA – connection to motosports greatest drivers
  • Tradition – nothing too out there
  • High Quality – a car enthusiast loves his details
  • Things which say “car guy” without screaming it
  • Camaraderie – being part of a unique group

Nothing says this better than a Father’s Day gift from Suixtil-USA. Why?  Suixtil has all of these things and plenty more characteristics which make it an awesome man gift.

Suixtil Silverstone Jacket vintage and newSuixtil was the very first to design racing uniforms specifically for drivers, before this they wore mechanics coveralls.  In the late 1940’s, pre fire-suit days, the preferred fabrics amongst winning drivers were high quality 100% cotton.  Reims 1956 Peter Collins w:his Ferrari   ©Associated Press CollectionKling, Moss & Fangio Sweden GP 1955Suixtil dressed and sponsored many of the world’s most notable race car drivers from the 1950’s and 60’s, including Juan Manuel Fangio one of the greatest drivers in history.  What Fangio wore, others coveted. As Fangio and the Argentinian race team began to dominate the podiums on the european circuit the Suixtil name grew.  Suixtil was the race gear.

Suixtil menswear long sleeve poloFast forward to today, this same race gear: polos, sport shirts, t-shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters and other relevant accessories serve as casual menswear worn on or off the track, on the golf course, on vacation or as everyday apparel.

What makes it cool is the Suixtil logo is like a secret handshake among those who know.  Who starts a conversation based on that little polo guy on a shirt, nobody.  Suixtil is the start of a conversation and the stories are pretty amazing. Suixtil menswearApparel with history, with ties to the past, and worn by motorsport legends this makes for a gift. Faithful recreations of the past racing gear makes for wonderful menswear, all with exceptional attention to detail required of any car enthusiast. Go to Suixtil-USA.com for the perfect Father’s Day gift for the dad who loves cars.


Note:  Suixtil-USA is owned and operated by me, it is my car side of life.

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