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Does Your Outdoor Furniture Have The Cool Factor?

Outdoor FurnitureOutdoor spaces are the new living room and entertaining space, the trend we’ve noted in outdoor furniture is it must be cool.  Table, seating or decor, at least one of these components must have a cool factor.

Gone are the days of generic outdoor furnishings of ten years ago.  No more log, pipe or chunky wood with that 1970’s reddish stain. 

Lighting  = Oooh, Aaaah Element LED lit outdoor coffee tableLED’s rule the lighting trends and they are a major player in outdoor furnishings.  LED PlantersThe point is not to try to create a Disney-esque backyard but at least one pice of furniture or even a plant pot deserves a bit of pizazz.  LED Outdoor furnitureFurniture which lights up is not only cool but can be a great focal point or conversation starter.

TEXTURE = Furniture is Fondle-Worthy  Texture in outdoor furnitureTexture is huge.  Outdoor furniture texture has moved far beyond the wicker or reeded furniture.  Today’s outdoor furniture looks and feel more like indoor furniture than ever before.  Modern outdoor furniture textureThe fabrics and materials allow furnishings to be soft and fondle-worthy. Outdoor smooth textureThe evolution in recent years with outdoor fabric means outdoor furnishings are pleasurable to touch.  

Color Can Do No Wrong  Heller BenchesColor rules the roost in outdoor furnishings.  Orange outdoor loungeFernmob rocking hammockNature is inherently colorful, not a sea of personality-less beige.  Notice the pictures in the texture section above, they are all shades of graynot tan, beige or brownColorful outdoor chairs Color in Outdoor furnitureBy using colorful cushions, pillows (not too many), furniture or decorative items an outdoor room can be a coordinated area oozing fun. 

Outdoor furniture has a sense of fun, an element of whimsy and if nothing else… personality.  Even classic pieces can get an instant update by infusing some modern textures colors into the mix or add an LED planter.  While teak, faux reed and woven outdoor seagrass materials are still a strong element, boring is not.   Metal is modern if it has a contemporary style.  Anything which replicates swirly or intricate old-school wrought iron is in the been-there-done-that category, time to move on.

When is comes to outdoor furniture, cool is the new chic!


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8 Responses to Does Your Outdoor Furniture Have The Cool Factor?

  1. Love all the color!!!

  2. Isn’t it great? Jeanne your likely a month or 2 ahead of me in your outdoor living – finally warm here. 🙂

  3. 🙂 I will refrain from telling you how warm it has been. Hope you catch up soon!

  4. The colors are beautiful, earlier people used to have outdoor furniture in white or black but this is a refreshing change.

  5. Thank you Nancy. Outside instantly means fun, in my opinion and it is hard to think fun without some color! 🙂

  6. Cool is important, but give me comfortable first and cool second.
    If it’s not comfy to sit on you won’t spend enough time on it to enjoy how it looks.

  7. You are absolutely right, looks are meaningless if a piece to sit in is not comfortable. 🙂

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