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Does Your Sex Life Need An Upgrade? Inhale With Mr. Steam

 As we age our love life evolves and we can become a bit of a snore (literally) in the bedroom.  As much as the interior designer in me would like to say redecorating your bedroom might help, decorating alone is not going to engage your mind and body or upgrade your sex life.

Photo by Mr. SteamForget the excuses let’s go straight to the solution.  Mr. Steam has the answer to unlock your inhibitions and get your engines running.  Ooh la la!


Stick with me, this is not hokus-pokus and I promise it will not hurt.  Chakras are center points of of spiritual and emotional powers within one’s body.  There are seven chakras of which the 2nd chakra is the one in charge of SEX.  Any guesses where it is located?  The hot spot of course.

The 2nd chakra is associated with confidence, enthusiasm, passion and sexuality.  Certain scents have been shown to open up and ignite this area of your body.  With the help of Mr. Steam, inhale and upgrade your sex life.


Aromatherapy Chakra Oils via Mr. SteamForget exposing your thoughts to a therapist, in the comfort of your own home, Mr. Steam has unique Chakra Oils designed to unleash the healing powers of aromatherapy.  Now we are talking.

Who has time to read Fifty Shades of Grey for new ideas when you can just breathe.

Man steam photo by Mr. SteamHOW AROMATHERAPY WORKS

When you inhale tiny molecules land in the limbic system your brain, a.k.a. the command & control center of emotions and sexual arousal.  This is nothing new, Plato discovered the connection of aromatherapy over 2,000 years ago and has since been proven to work.  In France it is part of mainstream medicine.

Inhale your way to a great life and inhale your way to a better sex life.

HOW TO DO IT Aromatherapy Delivery from Mr. SteamOne of the most personal and quiet places in a home is the bathroom, Mr. Steam offers two options help you take advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy the Broadway or Metro Collection Towel Warmers and the Steam Shower.

The bathroom can be the secret to reinvigorating the sex life.  Would you have ever imagined?

With either the Mr. Steam towel warmer or steam shower you can sniff your way to to bliss.  Using the chic MS Butler you can even get the steam shower humming via remote.  See the sensual half round piece above with a round button in the center, which looks nothing like a remote control… brilliant.

Mrs. Steam and 2nd Chakra OilI have to give a shout to Martha Orellana, “Mrs. Steam”, VP of Marketing, for giving me my own bottle of this secret 2nd Chakra oil. It smells amazing.

See, no pain.  No exposing oneself to a therapist.  I’m a designer, you didn’t think I was going write about some hot new position did you?  Yeah, not gonna happen. Get your fix from Mr. Steam.


All photos other than the last one, courtesy of Mr. Steam

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4 Responses to Does Your Sex Life Need An Upgrade? Inhale With Mr. Steam

  1. ooh la la, who knew! I didn’t realize that these different scents were chakra oriented, how interesting! Those steam showers really do look amazing… on the wish list…

  2. Agree, this is on the dream bath list!

  3. Count me in, too! After getting to experience the chakra first-hand at Dwell, I’m sold.

  4. You can use it in their towel warmers too. Which I learned from Mr. Steam are more often used as towel dryers.

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