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Don’t Screw Up Your Kid By Overdecorating Their Bedroom

Don't Screw Up Your Kid By DecoratingOver exuberant miss-guided over-decorating in a child’s bedroom can send a child down the path to numerous behavioral problems.  An environment a child spends time in matters far beyond pretty colors or another fun DIY decorating project.  Here we explore how to decorate a room to nurture not screw up your child.  When your child wakes upThis post comes directly from a client conversation about decorating her child’s bedroom.  Like any young mother she was bursting with ideas for colors and so excited about all sorts of “cute stuff” with which to decorate, she forgot the entire purpose of the bedroom.  TIME TO HIT THE BRAKES!

Our environments can influence our behavior.  What we put in our children’s room needs careful consideration in order to get the results we desire.


  • Forget decorating, what type of child do you want to raise?
  • What do you wish for him or her?

If you wish for a happy child, one who goes to sleep and takes naps, a child who understands quiet time and a child who is capable of paying attention – their bedroom must promote this.

If their bedroom is full of so much stuff (toys, furniture and decorative crap) it is no wonder they don’t want to go to sleep and can’t pay attention later on in school!  A child’s bedroom needs to be calm, quiet, soothing, and relaxing.  Decorating a Child's BedroomWHAT IS A BEDROOM?  When decorating the goal for a bedroom to promote sleep and rest.  A child’s bedroom is no different than ours.  Good sleeping habits start in the bedroom.  Little bodies and minds need downtime for good development.

Decorating for the benefit of your child, not overdecorating will help them learn to differentiate between play time and nighty-nite.

WHAT TOYS ARE OKAY?  If you want to promote good sleep and train your child to understand the difference between rest and activity, keep the active toys out of the bedroom. Ideal items to encourage your child to enjoy their own company not need to be entertained:

  • books
  • puzzles
  • soft toys

Interests are a learned behavior, children don’t come out of the womb needing constant stimulation.  Teach them to appreciate quiet time.

Bad and good kids bedroom decorIS YOUR INTENTION TO RAISE A MONSTER?  The first bedroom is full of the problems lurking in the typical overdecorated child’s room.  If you place a child in such a room it will be almost impossible for them to embrace a sense of calm, and quiet their mind.  This room nurtures an inability to focus.  Problems in overdecorated childs bedroom

Note how much quieter the second bedroom feels.  Rather than a competition of red, blue, green and yellow, only the deep blue is dominate.  Active toys are removed, but the room still has personality.  The room is well coordinated and easy on the eye.

DON’T FALL FOR IT!  Decorating a child’s bedroom is an exciting time for young mothers.  Retailers offer up oodles of eye candy on the unsuspecting who gladly become lulled into a decorating worm hole with an abundance of cuteness.  Don’t go for the cuteness.   Check out our Pinterest board for some good bedroom ideas which are soothing and restful.

It is easy to create a beautiful and enjoyable bedroom for your child when you keep in mind the goal of the room is to promote sleep and rest, not fun and games.  By creating a restful and relaxing bedroom you are teaching them a life long lesson of the difference between activity and rest.  Don’t allow bad decorating decisions to screw up your child, decorate for your child.


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