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DuVerre Hardware – The Ultimate Cabinet Accessory

Cabinet hardware can be a fantastic way to personalize kitchen or bathroom cabinetry as well as serve as the missing link when cabinetry feels too plain.

I thought the best way to show it to you is to showcase it with some snapshots of cabinetry from the show.

New cabinetry trends from the IMM Show in Cologne showcased lots of plain front cabinetry, lots and lots.  The key to making plain cabinets work in any home style is with the hardware.  By selecting the right hardware, one can make faceless cabinetry coordinate with any home.  Hardware can serve as the visual link to the architectural style of a home.  One way to keep cabinetry interesting is with beautiful hand finished hardware from DuVerre Hardware.

Last week I talked about how texture remains a huge trend for interiors.  Tough, yet fondle-worthy, are apt descriptions for each DuVerre creation.   Cabinet hardware must invite the user to reach out, touch and be pleasantly surprised.What I like about DuVerre Hardware is each piece is it’s own small sculpture made from recycled aluminum.   With options suitable for the traditional craftsman style home to the modern high-rise, DuVerre offers something for everyone. Lisa sig

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2 Responses to DuVerre Hardware – The Ultimate Cabinet Accessory

  1. I think the Marcel design is quite attractive. What a clever idea, to pair up the cabinets with the hardware. That makes it easier for me to visualize. Thanks.

  2. Thank you. You know me, I have to be different… 🙂

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