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Dwell On Design Recap – The Good, The Bad and The Rockstars

Last week amidst the brilliant sunshine and addictive energetic happy vibe of Los Angeles, I attended the Dwell On Design show.  Sponsored by Dwell Magazine, this particular show is a mix of appliances, furnishings, interior finishes, home decor, lighting, landscaping, and plopped right in the middle, a whole section dedicated to prefab homes.

Dwell on DesignWhile the Dwell show was a speck in terms of size compared with other show’s I’ve been attending, it was interesting on a different front.   Geared more towards consumers, the Dwell on Design offered an interesting mix with a Californian vibe.  good

Crafts found at Dwell on DesignA California based publication, Handful of Salt, which focuses on local artisans and their creations offered a pinch of current home decor related items in their booth.

Something about California design always inspires thought of the arts and crafts movement which brings to mind ceramics.  These stoneware vessels by Sara Paloma are the perfect silhouettes to display on interior shelves.  Or if color is more your thing, these burnished earthenware vessels by Mark Goudy can not help but inspire conversation, all those precise little circles are mesmerizing.   Connect Prefab HomesAs the hotbed of sustainability and sensible design, pre-fab homes were the hit of this California show.  I couldn’t get into any of the homes, there were so packed with interest.  I did visit the Connect Homes booth, which serves as a gentle reminder of just how creative one can get with a rectangle.

badEven for me, the effervescent critic, there was nothing truly bad or which I might term hideous so I will offer up the most questionable.

Dacor Wine SaverThis single appliance, the Wine Saver from Dacor was the focus of numerous conversations amongst bloggers: Who is going to open a good bottle of wine and not drink it in a couple of days?  None of us could figure it out.

After listening to the pitch we all looked at each other with quizzical looks, who is saving wine?  Two people can finish a bottle in two days.  We just could not make a rational argument for the cost of such an appliance.

The last time the hubs & I opened a pricey bottle of wine we had a party, invited 16 people and even including the price of catering it still cost less than one of these wine savers and there was not a leftover drop.

I will note, upon showing these pictures to the hubs…”they had one of those at the golf course.”  Okay, for a commercial establishment it might make sense.  But for wine lovers, I’m not buying it.

Design Your Wall boothWall decals are all the rage right how.  They are cool, easy to change and a great way to personalize a space.  I use them.  However, if you are going to do a booth at a show, put a little more effort into your installation Design Your Wall.  What do I remember?  The wrinkles in your application. Helios LoungeAt first look one might incorrectly assume this outdoor seating is plastic ( I did), when it is in fact cast stone.  Okay this is cool, but there’s more.  What if I told you this stylish outdoor lounge by Galanter & Jones is HEATED!

Whoa momma, you have no idea until you sit in it. The radiant element is cast into the seat which heats your back and bottom in such a way you feel instantly transformed into spa mode. I want one.  Photo: courtesy of Galanter & Jones. LOFTi Duo by The New Clothesline Company Flipping Brilliant!  We all know drying clothes in a dryer is not good for your clothes or the environment.  However, not everyone has room for the old backyard clothesline or one might live in an uptight neighborhood with homeowner Nazi’s who poo poo a clothesline as “low rent.”   The New Clothesline Company has an awesome solution big enough for sheets yet compact so you can put inside your home.  Gotta have it. Lisa signature

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2 Responses to Dwell On Design Recap – The Good, The Bad and The Rockstars

  1. Ahhh, thank you for the dwell tour, since I didn’t go!! Love seeing your finds. Still laughing about your wine comments….

  2. I don’t like to really spank anyone, I love Dacor – I have their warming drawer. But all of us, no make that anyone we spoke to, were questioning the wine saver. Are there wine hoarders who open a bottle and sip it?


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