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Dymaxion House – The Little House That Should

Surely you’ve heard the name of the inventor Buckminster Fuller?  He was one our our early pioneers in sustainability and energy efficiency.  His whole premise was to do more with less800px-Biosphère_MontréalPhoto: Wikipedia Commons

While he is the most famous for his Geodesic Dome structures pictured above.  What he envisioned and then created with the Dymaxion House is a recipe for modern living.   This home is full of inventions and ideas which are totally appropriate for today. IMG_1735 (768x1024)Today the Dymaxion House, the only one ever built, has been completely restored and installed in the Henry Ford Museum.  IMG_1736 (763x1024)He believed in efficiency on every level and combined with efficient use of available technology, he invented the Dymaxion House as a solution for mass-produced affordable housing.  But what he created features the exact same benefits we would love today:

  • makes its own power
  • heats and cools by natural means
  • no-low maintenance structure
  • adjustable floorplans (Having a party?  Just expand the living room into the bedroom for the night.)
  • vacuums itself
  • rotating shelves and closets
  • earthquake and storm-proof

IMG_1742 (768x1024)At 1,017 square feet the home feels extremely spacious with a full size kitchen and laundry area. IMG_1743 (765x1024)It was designed in the 1920’s and finally built in 1945 for a family in Wichita, Kansas.  It was later acquired by the Henry Ford Museum in 1991 and completely rebuilt and restored inside the museum in 2001.

So I’m walking through the house and thinking one could easily live here today.  If only one of our capitalistic and sustainability minded billionaires would take what Mr. Fuller designed and re-introduce it today.  (Anyone have the ear of Elon Musk?)  HELLO, this would be brilliant!  Imagine it as a lakeside cottage, perfection.  Or how about rebuilding along the Gulf or East Coast…

Isn’t it funny to learn this green/sustainable kick is nothing new?  Being efficient isn’t really a phase, though we seem to embrace it as such.  Honestly, the Dymaxion House is totally current and should be a model of how we should be building homes today.  Okay, slap me, the idea of building something to last is totally anti-2013… I forgot.  Lisa sigRead more about the Dymaxion house here and here and about the American pioneer inventor Buckminster Fuller, here.


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