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Easiest Possble Color Schemes – Part 2

In the previous post I spoke of using the Easy Color Scheme which consists of two colors with at least one being a neutral.  Now do you want to take it to the next level?  Juice it up a bit?

Repeat the same two colors throughout the room to maintain order and comfort and then throw in one additional color.  Any color, preferably a fun color which will pop against the two already in use.  This adds the element of surprise and drama, it brings about a smile.  This third color should be used in limited quantities OR make it the focal point as in this bathroom from HGTV’s 2011 Dream Home.  Don’t forget to watch the giveaway on March 19, 2011.

Photo via HGTV

Notice how adding this red in the above bathroom really perks up the room.  Or how about the turquoise in this next room.  Imagine how easy it is to change the third color in the bedroom if one wanted to switch it to orange or poppy red.Photo via Canadian House & Home by Virginia MacDonald

But this doesn’t have to happen with only fixed items.  To add interest to the Easy Color Scheme just add something live, live flowers, a live plant or even a goldfish in a bowl.  Look how simple this dining room is.  I love this dining room because it allows the food and the company become the stars.

Photo via House to Home

Expand even further by using shades of your third color.  This scheme below shows how a clean creamy white and a pale aqua blue are make much more beautiful with the addition of a coral pink.  The walls are the palest version of this coral while the drapery panels are much deeper as are the two pedestals.

Now were any of these difficult?  Not at all.  Your best tool is always discipline.  Pick two colors and stay with them, no need to wander a little left or right.  This allows for repetition which is a key element in making a room comfortable.  If adding a third color consider the size of the room because it only requires a tiny percentage to make the room special.  Too much becomes visual clutter.  Using an Easy Color Scheme is both gorgeous and cost effective.  Plus you get the added benefit of it being easy, simple or inexpensive to refresh.

I’d love to know if you try the Easy Color Scheme, juiced up or regular.  If you need a little help don’t hesitate to ask.

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