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Easy Basics for Dressing The Outdoor Table

Summer is filled with opportunities for festive outdoor entertaining and picnics.  These are often held away from home at a summer place, rental or just in a park which means the normal cupboard of decorative items may not be at your fingertips.  Not a problem.  With a little pre-planning once can create the perfect summer outdoor table with items which are easy to transport.

Harbor Springs, Michigan

Forget the flyaway tablecloth, I love to cover ratty old picnic tables with a flat woven cotton runner – yes, I mean a rug. Or go for two or three 2′ x 3′ cotton  rugs lain across the tables also works.

Only $3.99 from IKEA!

Photo via IKEA

Paper plates are fun and easy but rarely chic until now.  But lets go a step further for some stylish biodegradable ones.  Yes, these elegant dishes are made from natural fibers and pulp and are compostable too.  These and hip disposable flatware can be found at Joanne Hudson Basics.

Eco-Friendly dinnerware

Photo via Joanne Hudson

Prairie Moon has the most interesting selection of disposable drinkware.  Keep in mind while traveling I’m also looking for easy to transport, so these two part packables do the trick.

Chic disposable wine glass

Photo via Praire Moon

Creating fabulous outdoor table decor is an absolute cinch with the right products.  Now all you have to add is the food and friends!

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2 Responses to Easy Basics for Dressing The Outdoor Table

  1. Great tips here! I’m finally putting my outdoor furniture outside and I want to have a BBQ for us during this weekend. This post gave me great inspiration!

    Thanks! 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend, my friend!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. Hope you have a great weekend and many more outdooor BBQs!


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